20 Survivors are returning for another chance at the title of Sole Survivor.

Origianl Season and Placement Name Orignal Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Placement Total Votes
Madagascar 6th Place Pratty437 Neak 21st:Walked (Day 1) 0
Philippines 3rd Place Dangon213 Khla

20th:4-2-1-1-1-1 (Day 3)

Philippines 6th Place AustinBenevides Neak 19th:7-1-1-1 (Day 5) 7
Madagascar 17th Place Survivor1998 Khla 18th:5-2-1-1 (Day 7) 6
Philippines 12th Place Bwburke94 Khla

17th:3-3-1-1/5-1 (Day 9)

Hawaii 4th Place Levonini Neak Khla 16th:7-0        (Day 11) 7
Hawaii 9th Place Nostalgic Khla Neak 15th:0-4-4/0-3-3/Drew Purple Rock (Day 13) 1
Hawaii Runner-Up BrandonBam Khla Khla 14th:4-3 (Day 15) 5
Costa Rica Sole Survivor Ireks Khla Neak 13th:4-3 ~ Third Jury Member (Day 15) 13
Hawaii 2ndRunner-Up Realchance Khla Khla Koh Mano 12th:7-2-1-1-1 ~ First Jury Member (Day 17) 8
Hawaii 7th Place Missalice3 Khla Neak Koh Mano 11th:8-1-1-1 ~ Second Jury Member (Day 19) 13
Madagascar 9th Place ColbyDonaldson8513 Neak Neak Koh Mano 10th:Medically Evacuated  (Day 20) 0
Hawaii 6th Place Sssp123 Khla Khla Koh Mano 9th:6-3-1 ~ Fourth Jury Member  (Day 21) 10
Madagascar Philippines 7th and 4th Place JoshJosh123 Neak Neak Koh Mano 8th:4-3-1 ~ Fifth Jury Member (Day 24) 4
Philippines 16th Place BigBrotherFan132 Neak Neak Koh Mano 7th:4-3 ~ Sixth Jury Member (Day 28) 8
Costa Rica 16th Place Ninihead25 Khla Neak Koh Mano 6th:5-1 ~ Seventh Jury Member (Day 32) 5
Hawaii  10th Place Thewinner Neak Khla Koh Mano 5th:3-2 ~ Eighth Jury Member (Day 35) 11
Philippines Runner-Up SimvivoRway Neak Khla Koh Mano 4th:3-1 ~ Ninth Jury Member (Day 38) 3

Costa Rica Philippines 5th Place

SportyGirl22 Neak Khla Koh Mano Runner-Up:Received 1 Vote to win 9

Philippines 11th Place

Sally212 Neak Khla Koh Mano Runner-Up:Received 1 Vote to win 3

Hawaii 12th Place

Talldude_1031 Neak Neak Koh Mano Winner:Received 7 Votes to win 3
Original Tribes Tribe Swap Double Tribal Merge
Day 3 Day 5 Day 7 Day 9 Day 9 Day 11 Day 13 Day 13 Day 13 Day15 Day 15 Day 17 Day 19 Day 20 Day 21 Day 24

Cameron 4/10 Votes

Austin 7/10 Votes

Survivor 5/9 Votes


Bwburke 5/6 Votes

Andrew 7/7 Votes Tie Tie Brad. Got Purple Rock Brandon 4/7 Votes

George 4/7 Votes

RJ 7/12 Votes Missy 8/11 Votes Colby Removed No Vote Sam S. 6/10 Votes Josh 4/8 Votes
Sally Austin Andrew Brandon RJ Missy Sam.S Self-Vote
Brittany Cameron Survivor Bwburke Bwburke Sam B Sam B Safe Tall Tall Missy Sam.S Josh
Kayla Austin Andrew Brandon RJ Missy Sam.S Josh
Ethan Austin Andrew Brandon RJ Missy Sam.S Josh
Tall Austin George George Safe George RJ Missy Sam.S Ethan
Stephen Austin Andrew Brandon RJ Self-Vote Tall Josh
Sam.B Andrew George Tie Safe George RJ Missy Tall Ethan
Josh Austin George George Safe George RJ Missy Sam.S Ethan
Sam.S Cameron Survivor Bwburke Bwburke Andrew Ethan Ethan Tall Tall
Colby Austin George George Safe George Self-Vote Self-Vote Self Vote
Missy Self-Vote Self-Vote Self-Vote Tie Sam B Sam B Safe Tall Tall Self-Vote
RJ Cameron Survivor Self-Vote Bwburke Andrew Ethan Missy
George Missy Missy Missy Bwburke Sam B Tie Safe Tall
Branodon Self-Vote Survivor Bwburke Bwburke Andrew Ethan
Brad Cameron Self-Vote Self-Vote Missy Sam B Sam B Out
Andrew Kayla Self-Vote
Bwburke George George Missy Tie
Survivor Brad Self-Vote
Austin Ethan
Cameron Bwburke


Day 28 Day 32 Day 35 Day 38
Eliminated: Sam B. 4/7 Votes Brittany 5/6 Votes Ethan 3/5 Votes Stephen 3/4 Votes
Tall Ethan Brittany Ethan Stephen
Sally Sam B. Brittany Ethan Stephen
Kayla Sam B. Brittany Ethan Stephen
Stephen Sam B. Brittany Sally Kayla
Ethan Sam B. Brittany Sally
Brittany Ethan Kayla
Sam B. Ethan

Jury Votes

Finalist: Kayla 1/9 Votes Sally 1/9 Votes Tall 7/9 Votes
Stephen Tall
Ethan Tall
Brittany Tall
Sam B. Tall
Josh Sally
Sam S. Tall
George Kayla
Missy Tall
RJ Tall

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