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For 9 Straight Seasons we have seen Tribes that have done very well and tribes that have sunk but this Time there is only 1 Tribe the Whole Game which means Alliances will be loose player shifting alliances here and there and with one returnee who passed out in Survivor Mexico joining us will he have what it takes to not pass out again or will his survivor dream come to an end very soon what will happen with the Biggest Twist in BHDS Series how will it all cut out ? Who will Outlast,Outplay and Outwit the Others? Only i Will Win the Half Million Dollar Prize

Preceded By:Survivor:Cambodia

Followed By:Survivor.HvV

Castaway Oringinal Tribe JURY Voted Out Votes Days
Brad N Wang Tribe Med Ev 3
Colby D Med Ev 6
Manipulation 1st Out 4-3-3-1-1 9
Mack JURY Inactive 6-1-1-1-1 12
Ty 3rd Out 10-1 15
Max 4th Out 9-1 18
Matt B 5th Out 8-1 21
Ferd 6th Out 7-1 24
Rikku 7th Out 6-1 27
Tayvie 8th Out 5-1 30
Reddy 9th Out 4-1 33
cfff 10th Out 3-1 36
JasonXtrme Final
2nd Runner Up Received 0 Jury Votes 39

Matt K


Runner Up Received 1 Jury Vote 39
Jacob WINNER Received 8 Jury Votes 39

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