Survivro:Costa Rica is the second instalment of Sergeant's Survivor Series. 16 castaways competed in two tribes, the Sixaola and Pacuare tribes with 8 members on each.

Name Original Tribe Tribe Shuffle Merged Tribe Placement
Ninihead25 Sixaola 16th:2-2-2-1-1/Re-vote 3-1-0
Juna1211 Sixaola 15th:4-1-1-1
Athenaa Pacuare 14th:3-2-2-1
AlexRyder Pacuare 13th:3-2-1-1
Andyp223 Sixaola Pacuare 12th:3-1-1-1
Zbase4 Sixaola Pacuare 11th:4-1
TheSexiestDude990 Sixaola Sixaola Nicoya 10th:6-3-1 ~ Second Member of the Jury
Rockstar15 Sixaola Sixaola Nicoya 9th:5-1-1-1-1 ~ First Member of the Jury
Bclrockschamp Pacuare Sixaola Nicoya 8th:Inactive Boot
Flamelord Pacuare Sixaola Nicoya 7th:Inactve Boot ~ Third Member of the Jury
Subfriend Sixaola Sixaola Nicoya 6th:5-2 ~ Fourth Member of the Jury
Sportygirl22 Sixaola Pacuare Nicoya 5th:4-1 ~ Fifth Member of the Jury
17kicke Pacuare Pacuare Nicoya 4th:2-2/1-1/Eliminated by Purple Rock ~ Sixth Member of the Jury
Epstar59 Pacuare Pacuare Nicoya 3rd:1-0 ~ Seventh Member of the Jury
Admir Pacuare Pacuare Nicoya Runner-Up
Ireks Pacuare Sixaola Nicoya Winner:4-3

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