(BHDS Survivor Easter Island)

Easter Island........Some might say that this is the island where the Easter bunny sleeps and plays along and makes all his eggs well if those rumors are true 16 Teengagers will be heading there to Endure long sleepless nights and the aggression of hungry inside them ...they not only will be there to prove themselves worthy but they are there to Win the Title of BHDS SOLE SURVIVOR but what they dont all know is there is a game changer twist that may change the whole outlook of the game .... THIS IS SURVIVOR EASTER ISLANd

WINNER:Sparks -Received 5 Jury Votes

Preceded By : Survivor.Mexico

Followed By :Survivor.SouthAfrica

Castaway Oringinal Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes Days
Swimmi Alto *Quit* 3
Ty Bajo 1st Voted Out 3-2-1 6
Der Furher Alto *Quit* 9
Kyreece Bajo 2nd Voted Out (4)-3-2-1 12
Jake G Bajo 3rd Voted Out 4-(3)-2-1 15
NCFX Alto 1st Jury Member 4th Voted Out 3-1-1 18
Aly Alto Medio 5th Voted Out 7-1 21
Chocolate Bajo 6th Voted Out 6-1 24
Jonah Alto 7th Voted Out 5-1 27
Ponyman Bajo 8th Voted Out 4-1 30
Sarge Alto 9th Voted Out 3-1 33
Sergeant Bajo 10th Voted Out 2-1 36
Bingo Bajo Runner Up Received 2 Jury Votes 39
Sparks Alto WINNER Received 5 Jury Votes 39
Immunity Elimination Finish
Alto Ty 1st Voted Out
Alto Kyreece/Jake G 2nd/3rd Voted Out
Bajo NCFX 4th Voted Out
Sparks Aly 5th Voted Out
Ponyman Chocolate 6th Voted Out
Sergeant Jonah 7th Voted Out
Bingo Ponyman 8th Voted Out
Sergeant Sarge 9th Voted Out
Bingo Sergeant 10th Voted Out

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