The Fourth instalment of Sergeant's Survivor Series. 16 plyers will embark on the adventure of a life time to compete for the title of sole survivor, they will face a twist bever before seen in this series Excil Island. How will this twist effect the game? Find out on Survivor:Hawaii

Name Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Placement
Ontario Honu 16th:3-0
Jaaps101 Lani 15th:2-1-1
Preznewton44 Honu Koa 14th:4-1-1-1
KamiLynne Mano Mano 13th:3-1-1-1-1
Talldude_1031 Lani Koa 12th:3-2
Yohan47013 Mano Mano 11th:3-1-1
Thewinner Mano Mano Lokahi 10th:5-2-1-1-1 ~ First Jury Member
Nostalgic Honu Koa Lokahi 9th:2-2-2-1-1-1/3-2-1~ Second Jury Member
Bowling4fun Koa Koa Lokahi 8th:5-1-1-1 ~ Third Jury Member
Missalice3 Koa Mano Lokahi 7th-5-2 ~ Fourth Jury Member
Sssp123 Lani Mano Lokahi 6th:3-(0) 3 ~ Fifth Jury Member 
Rasmusjt48 Lani Mano Lokahi 5th:3-2 ~ Sixth Jury Member 
Levonini Koa Koa Lokahi 4th:3-1 ~Seventh Jury Member 
Brandonbam Mano Koa Lokahi Runner-Up
Realchance Honu Mano Lokahi Runner-Up
MonaMania Koa Koa Lokahi Winner:7-0-0

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