Survivror:Madagascar was the first instalment of Sergeant's Survivor Series. It inclded 18 castaways who were divided into 2 tribes, Mahery and Fangarula. Due to astros, Fangarula dominated challenges and never went to tribal only losing players because the were removed for being inactive.

Name Original Tribe Merged Tribe Placement
MMAjunkiex Mahery 1st voted out (9-0)
Survivor1998 Mahery 2nd voted out (7-1)
Ronin2000 Mahery 3rd voted out (4-2-1)
Kikorus Mahery 4th voted out (4-2)
Wakeleighh Mahery 5th voted out (4-1)
Lochlyn100 Fangarula Inactive Boot
Dentist Fangarula Inactive Boot
Sethpennington Fangarula Inactive Boot
Jman96 Mahery 6th voted out (2-2/1-1/Eliminated by a Purple Rock)
ColbyDonaldson8513 Mahery Lemura 7th voted out (5-2-1-1) First Jury Member
Steph91 Fangarula Lemura 8th voted out (3-2-1-1-1)
JoshJosh123 Mahery Lemura 9th voted out (3-1-1-1-1) Second Jury Member
Pratty437 Mahery Lemura 10th voted out (3-2-1)
Caliboy Fangarula Lemura 11th voted out (4-1) Third Jury Member
ZachTansey Fangarula Lemura 12th voted out (3-1) Fourth Jury Memebr
JakeDavid13 Fangarula Lemura 13th voted out (1-0) Fifth Jury Member
Benner_2304 Fangarula Lemura Runner-Up
astros Fangarula Lemura

Winner (3-2)

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