Survivor Alps is the 4th season in the series .

20 lucky adventurous people will start on a journey of a life time! High up in the Alps Mountains in northern Italy, they will be forced to live with one another. Not only will they have to survive the wilderness, but also each other. Every few days someone will be voted out of the tribe. A MAJOR twist was put into affect right away. Instead of the normal tribe vs tribe challenges, it was an individual game from the start. Who has what it takes?! This is Survivor: Alps!!!

39 days! 20 people! 1 survivor!

Host: epstar59 co-host: Froodsbag (winner of season 1)

Castaway Original Tribe Merged Tribe Total Votes Placement
charliescene0214 Tenda 0

20th place


Furball Brenner 3

19th place

1st voted out

MF_Robbs Brenner 5

18th place

2nd voted out

kenta Tenda 0

17th place


paddy_mc_donald Brenner 7

16th place

3rd voted out

tuter32 Tenda 8

15th place

4th voted out

massgustavo95 Brenner 4

14th place

5th voted out

Guess_Who Tenda 7

13th place

6th voted out

CourtneyYates Tenda 7

12th place

7th voted out

1st Jury Member

Ontario Brenner 5

11th place

8th voted out

2nd Jury Member

BigBrother06 Tenda Zigafiera 5

10th place

9th voted out

3rd Jury Member

01Gohan Brenner Zigafiera 8 (4)

9th place

10th voted out

4th Jury Member

Wonderdog Brenner Zigafiera 8

8th place

11th voted out

5th Jury Member

justdontevictme Brenner Zigafiera 8 (1)

7th place

12th votes out

6th Jury Member

baby_kisses Brenner Zigafiera 12

6th place

13th voted out

7th Jury Member

MonaMania Tenda Zigafiera 10

5th place

14th voted out

8th Jury Member

noelvermillion1337 Tenda Zigafiera 6

4th place

15th voted out

9th Jury Member

Ethan000 Brenner Zigafiera 1(3) 2nd Runner-Up
Lamia Tenda Zigafiera 5(2) Runner-Up
KidKongo Tenda Zigafiera 2(1) Sole Survivor

Total votes do not count votes cancelled by a hidden immunity idol, or re-vote votes. The number in the ( ) is the amount of votes cancelled by a hidden immunity idol.

Brenner Pre-Merge Tribals

Castaway Furball MF_Robbs paddy_mc_donald massgustavo95 Tie Ontario
3/10 votes 5/9 votes 5/10 votes 4/8 votes 2/3 votes
01Gohan Furball justdontevictme SV justdontevictme justdontevictme justdontevictme
baby_kisses SV SV SV SV Ontario Ontario
Ethan000 Ontario MF_Robbs paddy_mc_donald massgustavo95 01Gohan Ontario
justdontevictme Ontario MF_Robbs paddy_mc_donald/SV massgustavo95 01Gohan NV
Wonderdog Furball MF_Robbs paddy_mc_donald/SV massgustavo95/SV 01Gohan/SV NV
Ontario 01Gohan MF_Robbs paddy_mc_donald massgustavo95 01Gohan NV
massgustavo95 Ontario MF_Robbs justdontevictme 01Gohan
paddy_mc_donald SV SV SV
MF_Robbs justdontevictme Ontario
Furball SV

Tenda Pre-Merge Tribals

Castaways charliescene0214 kenta tuter32 Guess_Who CourtneyYates
Quit Quit 5/9 votes 4/7 votes 5/7 votes
BigBrother06 NV kenta tuter32 KidKongo CourtneyYates/SV
KidKongo NV tuter32 tuter32 Guess_Who CourtneyYates
Lamia NV tuter32 tuter32 Guess_Who CourtneyYates
MonaMania NV tuter32 tuter32 Guess_Who CourtneyYates
noelvermillion1337 NV MonaMania KidKongo MonaMania CourtneyYates
CourtneyYates NV Guess_Who SV SV MonaMania
Guess_Who NV Lamia SV SV
tuter32 NV MonaMania Guess_Who/SV
kenta NV Quit
charliescene0214 Quit

Merged Tribe Votes

Castaways BigBrother06 01Gohan Wonderdog Tie Tie justdontevictme baby_kisses MonaMania noelvermillion1337
4/10 votes 5/7 votes 2/3 votes 3/5 votes 4/6 votes 3/5 votes 3/4 votes
KidKongo Wonderdog 01Gohan Ethan000 justdontevictme baby_kisses baby_kisses baby_kisses MonaMania noelvermillion1337
Lamia Wonderdog 01Gohan Wonderdog baby_kisses baby_kisses justdontevictme baby_kisses MonaMania noelvermillion1337
Ethan000 BigBrother06 KidKongo Lamia MonaMania justdontevictme justdontevictme Lamia noelvermillion1337 noelvermillion1337
noelvermillion1337 KidKongo 01Gohan Wonderdog baby_kisses justdontevictme justdontevictme baby_kisses MonaMania Lamia
MonaMania Wonderdog 01Gohan Ethan000 justdontevictme NV baby_kisses SV noelvermillion1337
baby_kisses BigBrother06 SV SV Lamia NV NV SV
justdontevictme Ethan000 01Gohan Ethan000 MonaMania NV NV
Wonderdog BigBrother06 noelvermillion1337 Lamia
01Gohan BigBrother06 justdontevictme
BigBrother06 Lamia
Episode Brenner Immunity Tenda Immunity Voted Out Vote
#1 massgustavo95 MonaMania charliescene0214 Quit
Furball 3-3-1-1-1-1
#2 Wonderdog KidKongo MF_Robbs 5-1-1-1-1
kenta Quit
#3 massgustavo95 BigBrother06 paddy_mc_donald 5-2-1-1-1
tuter32 5-2-1-1
#4 Ethan000 BigBrother06 massgustavo95 4-1-1-1-1
Guess_Who 4-1-1-1
#5 Ethan000 KidKongo CourtneyYates 5-1-1


RV 2-1

#6 01Gohan BigBrother06 4-3-1-1-1
#7 Lamia 01Gohan 5-1-1-1(0)-1(0)
#8 justdontevictme Wonderdog 3(0)-2(0)-2-1
#9 Ethan000 justdontevictme


RV 2-2

RV 3-2

#10 Ethan000 baby_kisses 4-1-1
#11 Ethan000 MonaMania 3-2
#12 Ethan000 noelvermillion1337 3-1
#13 2nd Runner-Up Ethan000 4-2-1
Runner-Up Lamia
Sole Survivor KidKongo

Votes with a (0) next to them indicate that those votes were cancelled by a hidden immunity idol.

Jury Vote
Finalist: Ethan000 Lamia KidKongo
1/7 votes 2/7 votes 4/7 votes
Juror Vote
noelvermillion1337 Lamia
MonaMania KidKongo
justdontevictme KidKongo
Wonderdog Ethan000
01Gohan Lamia
BigBrother06 KidKongo
Ontario KidKongo

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