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Survivor: Bora Bora was the fourth series of JB's Blog Survivor. It started on July 3rd, 2012 and ended on July 12th, 2012. It featured twenty Tengagers posting their name on a blog with their character's name. However, five of the twenty contestants (AceSurvivor, Insanity, pinkwaffle, PizPaz, Survivor8) had logged off of their accounts temporarily to participate in "Race to Black 2." They were replaced by five new users (nelson1987911, ZombieOliver, _Spyro_, jharrin7887, MarekK27) In this season, everyone would be given an advantage at the beginning of the game. This is also the first season where the two tribes would be divided by men and women.

Types of PowersEdit

DATING - Two people in the game are a dating couple (Jason & Michelle)

EXILE - Two people start the game on Exile Island with a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol (Jaylyn & Monty)

IDOL - Two people start the game with a Hidden Immunity Idol in their possession (Landon & Livvy)

MARRIED - Two people in the game are a married couple (Brian & Rachel)

MENSA - Two people are MENSA Members (Janelle & Shawn)

MERGE IDOL - Two people will receive Hidden Immunity Idols if the make it to the merge (Amanda & Lawrence)

RELATIVE - Two people are relatives of former survivor contestants (Marcos - ZJ, Bermuda Triangle & Candace - Eve, Japan)

SIBLING - Two people in the game are siblings (David & Elyse)

TESORO ISLA (originally from Suitman13) - Two people can send any tribemember to Tesoro Isla to save themselves before a vote (Keeva & Luke)


Contestant Power Tribe Merge Voted Out Total Votes

David Beckham, 39

Albuquerque, NM


Sibling Vava'u Day 3 7

Candace Sanders, 29

Durham, NC


Relative Tupai Day 6 5

Jaylyn Jackson, 22

Washington D.C.


Exile Tupai Day 9 1

Katie Froitland, 30

Oklahoma City, OK


Saboteur Tupai Day 10 6

Shawn Logan, 28

Albany, NY


MENSA Vava'u Day 10 8

Brian Boyd, 32

Bruni, TX


Married Vava'u Day 12 4

Amanda Hopkins, 25

Coos Bay, OR


Merge Idol Tupai Day 14 4

Luke Miller, 32

Riverside, CA


Tesoro Isla Vava'u Day 16 6

Livvy Magenta, 27

Santa Barbara, CA


Idol Tupai Day 16 6*

Ignas Patel, 33

Phoenix, AZ


Saboteur Vava'u

Completed Mission

Day 16

Won $50,000


Marcos Zavala, 29

Corpus Christi, TX


Relative Vava'u

Day 16

Saboteur's Victim


Jason Scarborough, 23

Denver, CO


Dating Vava'u Otemanu

Day 19



Monty Byrnes, 40

Springfield, IL


Exile Vava'u Otemanu

Day 22



Landon Aubreene, 35

Presque Isle, ME


Idol Vava'u Otemanu

Day 25



Rachel Boyd, 31

Bruni, TX


Married Tupai Otemanu

Day 28



Keeva Queret, 26

Cypress, TX


Tesoro Isla Tupai Otemanu

Day 31



Elyse Beckham, 37

Albuquerque, NM


Sibling Tupai Otemanu

Day 33



Lawrence Gartens, 46

Akron, OH


Merge Idol Vava'u Otemanu

Day 34



Janelle Scott, 29

Cambridge, MA


MENSA Tupai Otemanu Second Place 4

Michelle Grant, 23

Denver, CO


Dating Tupai Otemanu Sole Survivor 2***

*Livvy had six votes nullified when she played her given immunity idol

**Lawrence had six votes nullified when he played his given merge immunity idol & the Exile Island idol

***Michelle had two votes nullified when she played Landon's immunity idol

The GameEdit

Episode Title Reward Immunity Voted Out Vote Finish
"Unbelievable" Tupai David 7-1 1st Voted Out

Day 3

"Finger" Vava'u Vava'u Candace 5-4

2nd Voted Out

Day 6

"Shock" Vava'u Vava'u Jaylyn 2-0

3rd Voted Out

Day 9

"Mystery" Tupai Katie 6-1

4th Voted Out

Day 10

Shawn 8-1

5th Voted Out

Day 10

"Split" Tupai Tupai Brian 4-3

6th Voted Out

Day 12

"Sacrifice" Tupai Vava'u Amanda 4-1-1

7th Voted Out

Day 14

"SOS" Luke 3-2-2

8th Voted Out

Day 16

Livvy 5-1

9th Voted Out

Day 16

Ignas No Vote

Completed Mission

Day 16

Marcos 1-0

10th Voted Out

Day 16

"Connections" Survivor Auction Landon Jason 6-3

11th Voted Out

Day 19



Lawrence(Landon) Michelle Monty 6-2

12th Voted Out

Day 22




(Keeva, Rachel)

Keeva Landon 5-2

13th Voted Out

Day 25



Elyse - CAR

Lawrence - BRKFST

Michelle - BRKFST

Janelle - BRKFST

Elyse, Janelle Rachel 2-0

14th Voted Out

Day 28





Elyse Keeva 1-0

15th Voted Out

Day 31


"FINALE" Michelle Elyse 1-0

16th Voted Out

Day 33


Michelle Lawrence 1-0

17th Voted Out

Day 34


Voting HistoryEdit

Contestant Power Day 3 Day 6 Day 9 Day 10 Day 12 Day 14 Day 16 SABOTEUR MERGE Day 19 Day 22 Day 25 Day 28 Day 31 Day 33 Day 34 Day 35
Michelle DATING Candace Livvy Katie Amanda Livvy Otemanu Janelle Landon Landon Rachel Lawrence Elyse Lawrence WINNER
Janelle MENSA TESORO Livvy Katie TESORO Livvy Otemanu Jason Monty Landon Lawrence Lawrence No Vote No Vote SECOND
Lawrence MERGE IDOL David Shawn Brian Ignas Otemanu Jason Monty Michelle Rachel Keeva TESORO No Vote Michelle
Elyse SIBLING Candace Livvy Katie Amanda Livvy Otemanu Jason Monty Landon Lawrence Lawrence No Vote Janelle
Keeva TESORO Candace Livvy Katie Amanda Livvy Otemanu Jason Monty Landon Michelle Lawrence Janelle
Rachel MARRIED Candace Livvy Katie Amanda Livvy Otemanu Jason Monty Landon Michelle Janelle
Landon IDOL David Shawn Brian Ignas Otemanu Jason Monty Michelle Michelle
Monty EXILE Shawn Luke Luke Otemanu Janelle Landon Michelle
Jason DATING David Shawn Luke Luke Otemanu Janelle Michelle
Marcos RELATIVE David Shawn Brian Monty ELIM.
Ignas SABOTEUR David Shawn TESORO Luke Marcos
Livvy IDOL Keeva Jaylyn TESORO Keeva Janelle
Luke TESORO David Shawn Brian Monty
Amanda MERGE IDOL Keeva TESORO Katie Livvy
Brian MARRIED David Shawn Luke
Katie SABOTEUR Keeva Jaylyn Keeva
Jaylyn EXILE Candace Livvy
Candace RELATIVE Keeva
David SIBLING Ignas
Tesoro Isla Inhabitant Shawn Janelle Amanda Livvy Ignas Janelle Lawrence

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