Contestants Original Tribes Tribe Shuffle Tribe Breakdown Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Koolmanmadden Honu Medically Evacuated
Tennisguy1414 Honu 1st Voted Out Day 3
Lavender Honu Quit Day 5
Logan44244 Honu 2nd Voted Out Day 6
Amf7410 Mano Mano 3rd Voted Out Day 8
Kumquat78910111 Honu La 4th Voted Out Day 8
Leacroft Mano Honu 5th Voted Out Day 10
Dolfan1010 Honu Nai'a 6th Voted Out Day 12
77sparks77 Honu Mano La 7th Voted Out Day 14
Srgeman Mano Mano La 8th Voted Out Day 16
Omnomnom Mano Mano La 9th Voted Out Day 18
Mitsuki Honu Mano La 10th Voted Out Day 20
Jfsredhead Mano La La 11th Voted Out Day 21
thecoolyest Mano La La 12th Voted Out Day 23
Black0ut247 Honu Nai'a Nai'a 13th Voted Out First Jury Member Day 26
PizPaz Mano Honu Nai'a 14th Voted Out Second Jury Member Day 29
NateDogg90 Honu Nai'a Nai'a 15th Voted Out Third Jury Member Day 31
Bingo21 Honu Honu Nai'a Mauna Loa 16th Voted Out Fourth Jury Member Day 33
BBlover96 Mano La La 17th Voted Out Fifth Jury Member Day 36
Duke Honu Honu Nai'a 18th Voted Out Sixth Jury Member Day 37
Tykeal Mano Honu Nai'a 19th Voted Out Seventh Jury Member Day 38
Adam12 Mano La La Runner-Up
Bekla123 Mano Nai'a Nai'a Sole Survivor

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