Survivor: Iceland

32 castaways were brought to the island of Iceland for the adventure of a lifetime. Everyday there would be an Immunity Challenge where the castaways fought to stay in the game, and everynight the losing tribe would go to tribal council, where they were forced to vote off one of their own.

Who will win the ultimate prize?

Revote votes do not count for Total Votes. Neither do votes cast when someone played a hidden immunity idol.

Castaway Original Tribe Switched Tribe MergedTribe Total Votes Placement
clair2132 Skirra 0 1st voted out
irberger24 Vondr 4 AON 2nd voted out (returned)
Epicrandomtalker Boli 4 3rd voted out
P07H34D Skirra 6 4th voted out
lassidoggy Vondr 5 5th voted out
Inaciolaralis Klubba 3 6th voted out
Travis990 Skirra 4 AON 7th voted out (returned)
BrandoWando Boli 7 8th voted out
RobbyLanza Skirra 7 9th voted out
LegionOfDoom Boli 7 10th voted out
Waloztiniler Vondr 7 11th voted out
amf7410 Vondr 3 AON 12th voted out (returned)
Carlitofan101 Klubba Vondr 6 13th voted out
Padraig16 Boli Klubba 6 14th voted out
bclrockschamp Klubba Klubba


15th voted out
elijah2020 Vondr Boli


16th voted out
ThaMeowMeow Skirra Vondr 3 17th voted out
amf7410 Vondr Vondr 8 18th voted out
swimboy818 Skirra Klubba 7 19th voted out
Wadester20001 Boli Boli


20th voted out
avatar3939 Klubba Klubba 6

21st voted out

1st Jury member

lukegerosin Klubba Boli 6 22nd voted out
Travis990 Skirra Klubba 9 23rd voted out
irberger24 Vondr Vondr Clallam 13 24th voted out
JoshJosh123 Klubba Vondr Clallam 9

25th voted out

2nd Jury member

tadds Klubba Boli Clallam 7

26th voted out

3rd Jury member

Tundra Skirra Vondr Clallam 13

27th voted out

4th Jury member

JakeBell Boli Klubba Clallam 10

28th voted out

5th Jury member

ivan1234 Skirra Klubba Clallam 5

29th voted out

6th Jury member

porsche101 Boli Boli Clallam 3

30th voted out

7th Jury member

Shav Boli Boli Clallam 11

31st voted out

8th Jury member

Mutiny Klubba Vondr Clallam 10

32nd voted out

9th Jury member

RHINO_47 Vondr Vondr Clallam 5 2nd Runner Up
Emily08 Vondr Boli Clallam 4 Runner Up
Froodsbag Vondr Klubba Clallam 9 Sole Survivor
Castaway clair2132 irberger24 Epicrandomtalker P07H34D lassidoggy Inaciolaralis Travis990 BrandoWando RobbyLanza LegionOfDoom Waloztiniler amf7410 Carlitofan101 Padraig16 Tie bclrockschamp Tie Tie elijah2020 ThaMeowMeow amf7410 swimboy818 Tie Wadester20001 avatar3939 lukegerosin Travis990 irberger24 JoshJosh123 tadds Tundra Tie Tie JakeBell ivan1234 Tie porschefan101 Shav Mutiny Finale
Quit 4/8 votes 4/8 votes 4/7 votes 4/7 votes 3/8 votes 4/6 votes 4/7 votes 3/5 votes 4/6 votes 5/6 votes 3/5votes 5/5 votes 3/7 votes 3/5 votes 3-0 votes 3/7 votes 4/6 votes 3/6 votes 3/4 votes 2/4 votes 3/5 votes 2/4 votes 6/12 votes 7/11 votes 4/5 votes 5/5 votes Purple Rock 4/7 votes 3/4 votes 3/3 votes 3/4 votes
Froodsbag irberger24 lassidoggy Waloztiniler amf7410 Padraig16 swimboy818 bclrockschamp swimboy818 avatar3939 JakeBell irberger24 JoshJosh123 Tundra JakeBell JakeBell NV Shav porschefan101 porschefan101 Shav Mutiny Sole Survivor
Emily08 irberger24 lassidoggy Waloztiniler amf7410 tadds Shav NV Shav Wadester20001 lukegerosin irberger24 SV tadds Mutiny JakeBell NV ivan1234 porschefan101 porschefan101 Shav Mutiny Runner Up
RHINO_47 irberger24 elijah2020 Waloztiniler amf7410 Carlitofan101 SV irberger24 irberger24 JoshJosh123 Tundra JakeBell Mutiny NV Shav SV porschefan101 Shav Mutiny 2nd Runner Up
Mutiny Inaciolaralis Carlitofan101 ThaMeowMeow amf7410 Froodsbag Froodsbag Tundra JakeBell NV NV ivan1234 Froodsbag NV Emily08 RHINO_47
Shav Epicrandomtalker BrandoWando LegionOfDoom SV SV NV tadds NV SV JoshJosh123 JoshJosh123 tadds Mutiny Mutiny NV ivan1234 Mutiny Mutiny Emily08
porschefan101 Epicrandomtalker BrandoWando LegionOfDoom Wadester20001 Wadester20001 NV Wadester20001 Wadester20001 lukegerosin irberger24 JoshJosh123 tadds Mutiny Mutiny NV ivan1234 Mutiny NV
ivan1234 Tundra P07H34D Travis990 Tundra Froodsbag bclrockschamp bclrockschamp swimboy818 JakeBell JakeBell irberger24 JoshJosh123 Tundra JakeBell JakeBell NV Shav
JakeBell Epicrandomtalker BrandoWando LegionOfDoom Padraig16 SV bclrockschamp SV NV Travis990 Froodsbag JoshJosh123 tadds Mutiny NV NV
Tundra RobbyLanza P07H34D Travis990 RobbyLanza Carlitofan101 SV amf7410 Froodsbag JoshJosh123 SV
tadds Inaciolaralis Emily08 SV NV Wadester20001 Wadester20001 Shav Froodsbag Tundra Emily08
JoshJosh123 Inaciolaralis Carlitofan101 ThaMeowMeow amf7410 Froodsbag Tundra
irberger24 SV SV amf7410 SV
Travis990 Tundra Tundra swimboy818 SV swimboy818 SV SV SV
lukegerosin Mutiny SV SV NV Shav Shav SV
avatar3939 SV SV SV swimboy818 SV SV
Wadester20001 BrandoWando LegionOfDoom Padraig16 porschefan101 elijah2020 NV lukegerosin NV
swimboy818 P07H34D Tundra Travis990 SV ivan1234 SV NV SV
amf7410 Waloztiniler lassidoggy Waloztiniler elijah2020 ThaMeowMeow irberger24
ThaMeowMeow RobbyLanza P07H34D Travis990 RobbyLanza Carlitofan101 amf7410
elijah2020 RHINO_47 SV RHINO_47 Froodsbag SV SV NV
bclrockschamp tadds JakeBell SV NV
Padraig16 BrandoWando SV SV SV
Carlitofan101 SV No vote
Waloztiniler Emily08 SV SV
LegionOfDoom SV SV SV
RobbyLanza SV SV SV SV
BrandoWando SV SV
Inaciolaralis JoshJosh123
lassidoggy SV SV
Epicrandomtalker SV
clair2132 Quit
Episode # Immunity Voted Out Vote
#1 Boli clair2132 Quit
Klubba irberger24 4-1-1-1-1
#2 Klubba Epicrandomtalker 4-3-1
P07H34D 4-2-1
lassidoggy 4-2-1
#3 Vondr Inaciolaralis 3-1-1-1-1-1
Travis990 4-1-1
BrandoWando 4-2-1
#4 Klubba RobbyLanza 3-1-1
LegionOfDoom 4-2
Waloztiniler 5-1
amf7410 3-1-1
#5 Boli Carlitofan101 5-0
Padraig16 3-1-1-1-1
#6 None bclrockschamp


RV 3-2



RV 2-2-1-1-1

PV 3-0

ThaMeowMeow 3-1-1-1-1
#7 RHINO_47 amf7410 4-2
Froodsbag swimboy818 3-1-1-1
Emily08 Wadester20001


RV 3-1

#8 Vondr avatar3939 2-1-1
lukegerosin 3-2
#9 Boli Travis990 2-0
#10 JakeBell irberger24 6-5-1
#11 RHINO_47 JoshJosh123 7-2-1-1
#12 ivan1234 tadds 4-1
Tundra 5-0
#13 Froodsbag JakeBell


RV 3-3

Purple Rock

#14 porschefan101 ivan1234 4-3
#15 Emily08 porschefan101


RV 3-1

#16 Mutiny Shav 3-2(0)
#17 Froodsbag Mutiny 3-1
#18 2nd Runner Up RHINO_47 6-1-0
Runner Up Emily08
Sole Survivor Froodsbag
Jury Vote
Finalist: RHINO_47 Emily08 Froodsbag
0/9 votes 1/9 votes 6/9 votes
Juror Vote
JoshJosh123 Froodsbag
Tundra Froodsbag
JakeBell Emily08
ivan1234 Froodsbag
porschefan101 Froodsbag
Shav Froodsbag
Mutiny Froodsbag

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