Survivor: Japan was the first series of JB's Blog Survivor. It started on June 3rd, 2012 and ended on June 10th, 2012. It featured sixteen Tengagers posting their name on a blog with their character's name. All of the episodes can be found here: #survivorjapan


16 Tengagers were stranded on a beach in Japan. JB told them to divide THEMSELVES into two tribes, Hiroshima & Nagasaki. They had to decide how and who would be on each tribe. On day 7, each tribe had to choose a representative. Erinn was chosen as Nagasaki's representative. Rose was chosen as Hiroshima's representative. Little did they know, they were given a free pass through the merge. In that time, they concocted a plan in the merge as castaways departed. Foxface, Millie, Jordan, Corbo, Eve, the tribe has spoken. On night 11, after a double tribal council, Erinn & Rose were brought in to what seemed to be a merge. However, the nine other contestants were divided into three tribes. Erinn & Rose were updated on the game and used that to make a super alliance of four with Scott & Alexandra. When the tribes merged on day 15, their plan was set in motion. They eliminated every other player, Suzie, Augustine, Austin, Ausham, Jus, the tribe has spoken. Until Janelle remained. Janelle tried to expose and divide the two pairs. Alexandra liked the plan. Erinn did not. And she went off at tribal council on Alexandra as Janelle became a member of the jury. The now cracked alliance made it into the final 4. Alexandra's untrustworthiness made her a target and got her voted out, leaving Erinn, Rose, and Scott in the final three. Scott won final immunity, and felt he couldn't beat his best ally Rose in the final two, so Rose was voted out, but Erinn still beat Scott 4-3 to become ths sole survivor.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Voted Out Total Votes

Foxface Lindsey, 22

Garner, NC


Nagasaki Day 3


Millie Gophrey, 31

Gary, IN


Hiroshima Day 6 7

Jordan Willis, 23

Kansas City, MO


Nagasaki Day 9 6

Corbo Thomas, 28

El Paso, TX


Nagasaki Day 11 5

Eve Sanders, 34

Chapel Hill, NC


Hiroshima Day 11 1

Joe Phillips, 36

San Diego, CA


Hiroshima Nippon Day 14 1

Suzie Thames, 39

Seattle, WA


Nagasaki Nippon Samurai

Day 17



Augustine Maroulis, 25

Commack, NY


Hiroshima Hiroshima Samurai

Day 20



Austin Schroeder, 30

Beaumont, TX


Hiroshima Hiroshima Samurai

Day 23



Ausham Chaudhary, 32

Sioux Falls, SD


Nagasaki Nagasaki Samurai

Day 26



Jus Porter, 29

Mesa, AZ


Nagasaki Nippon Samurai

Day 29



Janelle Oakley, 28

Miami, FL


Hiroshima Nagasaki Samurai

Day 32



Alexandra Sinclaire, 23

New York, NY


Nagasaki Hiroshima Samurai

Day 33



Rose Coughley, 45

Palo Alto, CA


Hiroshima EXILED Samurai

Day 34



Scott Numbers, 33

Detroit, MI


Hiroshima Nagasaki Samurai Second Place 2*

Erinn Cartwright, 26

Jupiter, FL


Nagasaki EXILED Samurai Sole Survivor 12

*Scott had five votes nullified when he played the hidden immunity idol.

The GameEdit

Episode Title Reward Immunity Voted Out Vote Finish
"Twisted" Hiroshima Foxface 4-2-2

1st Voted Out

Day 3

"Trust" Hiroshima Nagasaki Millie 7-1

2nd Voted Out

Day 6

"Exile" Hiroshima Jordan 4-2

3rd Voted Out

Day 9

"Paranoia" Nagasaki

Corbo (Nagasaki)

Eve (Hiroshima)



4th Voted Out

5th Voted Out

"Tri-fecta" Hiroshima/Nagasaki Joe 1-0

6th Voted Out

Day 14

"Tension" Jus Suzie 9-1

7th Voted Out

Day 17 (Jury)

"Evolve" Erinn (Rose) Jus Augustine 6-3

8th Voted Out

Day 20 (Jury)






Jus Austin 5-3

9th Voted Out

Day 23 (Jury)

"Spectrum" Survivor Auction Rose Ausham 4-3

10th Voted Out

Day 26 (Jury)





Janelle Jus 4-3*

11th Voted Out

Day 29 (Jury)


Scott (Rose)

Scott Janelle 4-1

12th Voted Out

Day 32 (Jury)








13th Voted Out

14th Voted Out

Voting HistoryEdit

Contestant Day 3 Day 6 Day 9 Day 11 SWAP Day 14 MERGE Day 17 Day 20 Day 23 Day 26 Day 29 Day 32 Day 33 Day 34 Day 35
Erinn Foxface EXILED EXILED EXILED EXILED Samurai Suzie Augustine Austin Ausham Jus Janelle Alexandra ** WINNER
Scott Millie Eve Nagasaki Samurai Suzie Augustine Austin Ausham Jus Janelle Alexandra Rose SECOND
Rose Millie EXILED EXILED EXILED EXILED Samurai Suzie Augustine Austin Ausham Jus Janelle Alexandra ** Erinn
Alexandra Foxface Corbo Corbo Hiroshima Samurai Suzie Augustine Austin Ausham Jus Janelle Scott Erinn
Janelle Millie Scott Nagasaki Samurai Suzie Erinn Austin Erinn Erinn Rose Erinn
Jus Jordan Jordan Corbo Nippon Joe Samurai Suzie Augustine Janelle Erinn Erinn (x2) Erinn
Ausham Erinn Jordan Jus Nagasaki Samurai Suzie Augustine Janelle Erinn Scott
Austin Millie Scott Hiroshima Samurai Suzie Erinn Erinn Erinn
Augustine Millie Scott Hiroshima Samurai Suzie Erinn Scott
Suzie Foxface Jordan Corbo Nippon ** Samurai Augustine Scott
Joe Millie Scott Nippon ** Scott
Eve Millie Scott
Corbo Erinn Jordan Jus
Jordan Foxface Jus
Millie Scott
Foxface Jordan

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