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Seafoam Islands

Survivor: Kanto - Seafoam Islands is the first season of RJ18's Survivor: Pokémon Series . Set in Seafoam Islands, off the coast of Cinnabar Island, 15 castaways were stranded in the remote island to compete in various Pokémon-themed challenges in order to stay in the competition, and avoid getting voted off as one by one, a castaway is voted off in Tribal Council by their fellow contestants. Ultimately, there will be a final 2 where a jury of 7 of previously-voted-off contestants will choose who will win the grand prize and the title of "Sole Survivor."

The season began with 3 tribes of 5 castaways. Each tribe was named after the final evolution form of the Generation I started Pokémon: Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise.


Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Notes
JETTEJ Venusaur -

15th Place

Day 2

Voted out 2-2-1 (tie) / 2-1
Flareboy676 Charizard -

14th Place

Day 4

Voted out 3-2
MichelleObama Charizard -

13th Place

Day 6

Eliminated for not updating RTB account in group game
TDPokemonFan Charizard -

12th Place

Day 8

Voted out 2-1


Charizard / Venusaur (absorbed on Day 8)


11th Place

Day 10

Voted out 2-1-1-1
Balboa (RTB of coolnarwhal88) Venusaur -

10th Place

Day 12

Voted out 3-1
alanarran Charizard / Blastoise (absorbed on Day 8) Dragonite

9th Place

1st member of Jury

Day 14

Voted out 8-1

Last member of original Charizard tribe

DrPepsi Venusaur Dragonite

8th Place

2nd member of Jury

Day 16

Voted out 4-3
tobs123xxx Venusaur Dragonite

7th Place

3nd member of Jury

Day 18

Voted out 4-1-1
Missalice3 Blastoise Dragonite

6th place

4th member of Jury

Day 20

Eliminated after account was banned
Mutiny Blastoise Dragonite

5th Place

5th member of Jury

Day 22

Voted out 3-2
YourBestFriend Blastoise Dragonite

4th Place

6th member of Jury

Day 24

Voted out 2-2 (tie) / 2
RainbowPenguin (new account of Gigafreezer) Venusaur Dragonite

3rd Place

7th member of Jury

Voted out by Chilltownmember3
Chilltownmember3 Blastoise Dragonite 2nd Place Lost to JoshJosh123 5-2
JoshJosh123 Blastoise Dragonite

1st Place

Sole Kanto Survivor

Won over Chilltownmember 5-2

The GameEdit


Tribal Immunity - Onix

Day 1Edit

Immunity: "Elemental Support" - each tribe had to have non-player Tengaged users to post on the forum a Pokémon that was the same element as their tribe Pokémon.

Venusaur lost the immunity challenge, voting out JETTEJ from the competition.

Day 3Edit

Immunity: "Pokémon Fusions" - each tribe had to guess what two Pokémon were horribly fused together in freak accidents.

Charizard lost the immunity challenge, voting out Flareboy676 from the competition.

Day 5Edit

Immunity: "Fan Support" - tribes had a universal poll up that had people vote on which tribe they want to see in Tribal Council.

Charizard lost the immunity challenge. MichelleObama, who left for Race to Black, never updated his new account to the competition, therefore leading to his elimination from the competition.

Day 7Edit

Immunity: "Sinking S.S. Anne" - tribes played a giant game of Battleship in trying to sink S.S. Anne.

Charizard was the only tribe who didn't sink the ship. TDPokemonFan was voted out. The two remaining Charizard members were absorbed into the other two tribes: alanarran in Blastoise and 00northrup in Venusaur.

Day 9Edit

Immunity: "Gym Leader Gossip" - tribes had to guess, from the gossip around the Kanto region, specific Kanto gym leaders.

Venusaur lost the challenge, voting out 00northrup from the competition.

Day 11Edit

Immunity: "Name Rater Nightmare" - tribes had to solve Pokémon name anagrams.

Venusaur lost the challenge, voting out Balboa from the competition.


Individual immunity - Cloyster

Day 13 - Merge DayEdit

Immunity: "Pokémon Battle" - contestants had to send in their Pokémon moves for a series of battles against one another. Based off the rules of rock, paper, scissors.

YourBestFriend won individual immunity. In Tribal Council, he gave up his immunity to Mutiny who had dominated the entire challenge. alanarran, the last original Charizard member, was voted out of the competition. He is the 1st member of the jury.

Day 15Edit

Immunity: "The Amazing Immunity Race" - contestants had to solve riddles that pertained to various cities and towns in the Kanto region.

tobs123xxx won individual immunity. DrPepsi was voted out of the competition, making him the 2nd member of the jury.

Day 17Edit

Immunity: "Strength and Endurance" - contestants are tasked to post in an endurance-type challenge on the forums.

JoshJosh123 won individual immunity. tobs123xxx was voted out of the competition, making him the 3rd member of the jury.

Day 19Edit

Immunity: "Unanimous Immunity" - the remaining players will vote to grant someone immunity in a poll. There must be a majority to grant the immunity. If not, either there is no immunity given, or those with the lowest will be up for elimination.

Missalice3 was banned, so she was eliminated from the game. Originally, she was not going to be part of the jury. But after her ban had been liften, she was granted a second chance to still be in the competition by keeping her jury position, making her its 4th member.

Day 21Edit

Immunity: "Know Your Past" - contestants were quizzed on their former castaways.

Chilltownmember3 won individual immunity in a tie-breaker, when JoshJosh123 decided to grant him the immunity by not answered the tie breaker. Mutiny was voted out of the competition, making him the 5th member of the jury.

Day 23Edit

Immunity: "The Ultimate Survivor: Kanto Challenge" - contestants were given a trivia challenge that used prevous trivia challenge rules before (Fusions, Gym Leader Gossip, Name Rater Nightmare, and The Amazing Immunity Race"

Chilltownmember3 won individual immunity. There was a tie between RainbowPenguin and YourBestFriend in Tribal Council. The revotes eliminated YourBestFriend unanimously and making him the 6th member of the jury.

Day 25Edit

Immunity: "The Final Battle for Immunity" - the final three contestants were pitted against each other in a 3-way Pokémon battle.

Chilltownmember3 won the final immunity, and he voted out RainbowPenguin from the competition and into the final seat of the jury.

Final Day (Tribal Council)Edit

Jury: alanarran, DrPepsi, tobs123xxx, Missalice3, Mutiny, YourBestFriend, RainbowPenguin

During the final tribal council, Chilltownmember3 and JoshJosh123 both received questions from the jury about their alliances, friends, and why they should win. Ultimately, JoshJosh123 won over the jury's vote 5-2 against his opponent for his dominance in the physical and strategic competitions without the ruthlessness Chilltownmember3 had, giving him a leg up in the vote.

Voting HistoryEdit

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Merge Day) 8 9 10 11 12 13
Immunity Blastoise & Charizard Venusaur & Blastoise Venusaur & Blastoise Venusaur & Blastoise Blastoise Blastoise Mutiny (c/o YourBestFriend) tobs123xxx JoshJosh123 N/A Chilltownmember3 Chilltownmember3 Chilltownmember3
Voted Out JETTEJ (2-2-1/2-1) Flareboy676 (3-2) MichelleObama (Eliminated) TDPokemonFan (2-1) 00northrup (2-1-1-1) Balboa (3-1) alanarran (8-1) DrPepsi (4-3) tobs123xxx (5-1-1) Missalice3 (Eliminated) Mutiny (3-2) YourBestFriend (2-2 / 2) RainbowPenguin
JoshJosh123 alanarran DrPepsi tobs123xxx YourBestFriend YourBestFriend RainbowPenguin
Chilltownmember3 alanarran DrPepsi tobs123xxx Mutiny YourBestFriend
RainbowPenguin JETTEJ / JETTEJ RainbowPenguin Balboa alanarran Mutiny RainbowPenguin Mutiny RainbowPenguin
YourBestFriend alanarran DrPepsi tobs123xxx Mutiny RainbowPenguin
Mutiny alanarran DrPepsi tobs123xxx YourBestFriend
Missalice3 alanarran Mutiny tobs123xxx
tobs123xxx Balboa / JETTEJ 00northrup Balboa alanarran tobs123xxx Mutiny
DrPepsi JETTEJ 00northrup DrPepsi alanarran Mutiny
alanarran Flareboy676 TDPokemonFan YourBestFriend
Balboa DrPepsi / DrPepsi Balboa Balboa
00northrup Flareboy676 TDPokemonFan DrPepsi
TDPokemonFan TDPokemonFan 00northrup
MichelleObama Flareboy676
Flareboy676 TDPokemonFan
Jury Votes


(2 votes / 7)


(5 votes / 7)

RainbowPenguin Chilltownmember3
YourBestFriend Chilltownmember3
Mutiny JoshJosh123
Missalice3 JoshJosh123
tobs123xxx JoshJosh123
DrPepsi JoshJosh123
alanarran JoshJosh123

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