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Survivor: Pandora was the tenth season of JB's Blog Survivor. It featured nineteen contestants posting their character's name on a blog. This season featured the Pandora's Box twist, a twist that can change the game of Survivor completely. The series started on August 19th, 2012 and ended on September 4th, 2012. All episodes can be found here: #survivorpandora


Contestant Original Tribe Switch Tribe Three Tribes Two Tribes Merge Duos Final Four Voted Out Total Votes

James Maiden, 34

Tempe, AZ


Day 1

Pandora's Box


Harper Kaepernick, 25

Boonville, MO


Valaxa Day 3 8

Kailan Haire, 25

Baltimore, MD


Piperi Day 3 8

Russ Espinosa, 62

Portland, OR


Piperi Day 6 8

Eli Randori, 35

Chattanooga, TN


Piperi Day 9 4

Destiny Dominguez, 22

Boca Raton, FL


Piperi Day 10 4

Mabel Zuskov, 55


New York, NY

Valaxa Day 10 8

Taylor Wells, 31

Jefferson City, MO


Valaxa Day 12 2

Lorcan O'Reilly, 50

Newark, NJ


Valaxa Piperi

Day 15



Scarlet Mauer-Poole, 24

Tacoma, WA


Valaxa Piperi

Day 18



Harlee Gomes, 26

Melbourne, FL


Piperi Piperi Piperi

Day 21



Gina Weeks, 40

Jena, LA


Piperi Piperi Valaxa Valaxa

Day 24



Hatch Collins, 38

Forsyth, MT


Piperi Valaxa Dexari Dexari Epizon

Day 27



Ian Relenta, 27

Bedford, VA


Valaxa Valaxa Dexari Dexari Epizon Epizon

Day 30



Jonah Weeden, 30

Pensacola, FL


Valaxa Valaxa Dexari Dexari Epizon Epizon

Day 30



Fiona Pennington, 30

Lowell, MA


Valaxa Valaxa Piperi Valaxa Epizon Valaxa Epizon

Day 32



Dane Williams, 28

Orlando, FL


Valaxa Valaxa Piperi Dexari Epizon Valaxa Epizon

Day 34



Lorin Spade, 20

Plano, TX


Piperi Piperi Valaxa Valaxa Epizon Piperi Epizon Second Place 2

'Chicago' Stan Lewis, 27

Chicago, IL


Piperi Valaxa Valaxa Valaxa Epizon Piperi Epizon Sole Survivor 0

*Dane played his hidden immunity idol on Day 12, nullifying five of his votes

*Fiona played her hidden immunity idol on Day 24, nullifying three of her votes

The GameEdit

Episode Title Reward Immunity Voted Out Total Votes Finish
"Shocking" James Opened Pandora's Box 1st Voted Out // Day 1
"Doubledown" Harper 8-1 2nd Voted Out // Day 3
Kailan 8-1 3rd Voted Out // Day 3
"Crabby" Piperi Valaxa Russ 7-1 4th Voted Out // Day 6
"Jackass" Valaxa Eli 4-3 5th Voted Out // Day 9
"Rewind" Destiny 4-2 6th Voted Out // Day 10
Mabel 7-1 7th Voted Out // Day 10
"Backfire" Piperi Piperi Taylor 2-0 8th Voted Out // Day 12
"Instinct" Valaxa Lorcan 4-1 9th Voted Out // Day 15 (Jury)
Survivor Auction Valaxa Scarlet 3-1

10th Voted Out // Day 18 (Jury)

"Prank" Valaxa Harlee 1-0 11th Voted Out // Day 21 (Jury)
"Fishy" Dexari Dexari Gina 1-0 12th Voted Out // Day 24 (Jury)
"Flip" Dane Hatch 4-3 13th Voted Out // Day 27 (Jury)
"Duos" Piperi Ian Eliminated in Trial By Fire 14th Voted Out // Day 30 (Jury)
Jonah 15th Voted Out // Day 30 (Jury)
"FINALE" Dane, Fiona, Lorin Chicago* Fiona 3-1 16th Voted Out // Day 32 (Jury)
Chicago Dane 1-0 17th Voted Out // Day 34 (Jury)

*Chicago won immunity because Dane, Fiona, and Lorin all chose to opt out of immunity to participate in the loved ones' reward

Pandora's BoxEdit

Episode Opened? Player Recipient Received Group Received
1 Yes James Automatic Elimination Fire in the form of flint
2 Yes Jonas, Destiny Immunity @ Next Tribal & Dividing Tribes Double Tribal Council
3 Yes Piperi Tribe 20-second disadvantage 20-second advantage
4 Yes Dane Immunity Idol No opportunity to win reward
5 Yes Chicago, Lorcan Immunity @ Next Tribal Double Tribal Council
7 Yes Fiona Ability to Divide New Tribes Medallion of Power twist
7 Yes Jonah Unable to participate in auction Money distributed amongst others
8 Yes Fiona Immunity Idol, Immunity @ Next Tribal, Ability to Divide Tribes Merged Tribe Would be Dissolved Into Three Tribes
11 Yes Ian 2013 Kia Optima Duos twist

There was no Pandora's Box offered in Episode 6, 9, 10, or 12.

Voting HistoryEdit

Contestant Day 3 Day 6 Day 9 Day 10 Day 12 SWITCH Day 15 Day 18 SWITCH Day 21 SWITCH Day 24 MERGE Day 27 DUOS Day 30 MERGE Day 32 Day 34 Day 35
Chicago Kailan Russ Gina Hatch Valaxa Valaxa Valaxa Fiona Epizon Fiona Piperi SAFE Epizon Fiona Dane WINNER
Lorin Kailan Russ Eli Destiny Piperi Lorcan Scarlet Valaxa Valaxa Fiona Epizon Fiona Piperi SAFE Epizon Fiona No Vote SECOND
Dane Harper Mabel Taylor Valaxa Piperi No Vote Dexari Epizon Hatch Valaxa WIN Epizon Fiona No Vote Lorin
Fiona Harper Mabel Taylor Valaxa Piperi Harlee Valaxa Gina Epizon Hatch Valaxa WIN Epizon Lorin Lorin
Jonah Harper Mabel Dane Valaxa Dexari Dexari Epizon Hatch Epizon LOSE Chicago
Ian Harper Mabel Dane Valaxa Dexari Dexari Epizon Hatch Epizon LOSE Chicago
Hatch Kailan Russ Eli Destiny Valaxa Dexari Dexari Epizon Fiona Chicago
Gina Kailan Russ Eli Destiny Piperi Lorcan Scarlet Valaxa Valaxa Fiona Lorin
Harlee Kailan Russ Eli Destiny Piperi Lorcan Scarlet Piperi No Vote Lorin
Scarlet Harper Mabel Dane Piperi Lorcan Lorin Chicago
Lorcan Harper Mabel Dane Piperi Scarlet Chicago
Taylor Harper Mabel Dane
Mabel Harper Dane
Destiny Kailan Russ Gina Hatch
Eli Kailan Russ Gina
Russ Kailan Gina
Kailan Russ
Harper Mabel

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