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Survivor: Philippines -- Pearl of the Orient was the fourteenth season of JB's Blog Survivor. It featured sixteen contestants posting their character on a blog, and two returning castaways. This season was the first to feature The Pearl of the Orient, a twist that would change the course of the game. The season started on October 9, 2012 and ended on November 11, 2012. All episodes are found here: #survivorpearl


16 Americans were marooned in the heart of the Philippines. Two twists made the game different then all others. Two former castaways, Dane, from Survivor: Pandora, and Cheyenne, winner of Survivor: Occultus Island, were chosen to play one more time. They both received the Pearl of the Orient, a twist that would completely change the game. The Pearl of the Orient, if played, would nullify everyone's vote and make the sole vote to eliminate yours. On Day 1, Cheyenne joined the Bicolano Tribe, and Dane joined the Moro Tribe. On Night 1, they were both forced to vote out one player, May & Yoshi were voted out. After Moro lost Whitney at the next challenge, a tribal switch occurred on Day 5, which sent Philip packing. On Bicolano, Cheyenne created an alliance with Nick, Noah, and Star, the original Bicolano members. And on Moro, Dane created an alliance with Brandon & Alec. Bicolano was the first to go to tribal council, and feeling on the outs, Star flipped to the other side, and sent Nick home. Star paid the price when Cheyenne played the Pearl of the Orient at the next tribal council to send her home. Moro lost the next challenge, and Dane's alliance wanted Noel, their former tribemate out. Noel caught word and rallied the former Bicolanos to vote out Alec. In a twist in a bottle, Moro was forced to vote out someone immediately. Without any time to strategize for the vote, Dane played his Pearl of the Orient to eliminate Grayson, which made him & Brandon two huge targets. After both pearls had been played, Noah from the Bicolano tribe, and Brandon from the Moro tribe, both got the new pearls, and Noah used his pearl to align himself with Sophie, Shayla, and Cheyenne to the very end. At the merge, Dane & Brandon were the outcasts, as Dane became the first member of the jury. Brandon was next on the chopping block, but when he won immunity, Noel became the second member of the jury. When Shayla won immunity on Day 25, Brandon did not want to play his pearl unless it was absolutely necessary, so he threw his new ally Noah under the bus. Noah caught the rumor through his ally Cheyenne, and he played his Pearl to oust Brandon, the other pearl holder, eliminating the pearls for the rest of the game. Noah & Cheyenne now set their sights on Shayla, despite having a final four deal with her & Sophie. Noah & Cheyenne got Haydon & Courtney to vote out Shayla on Day 28, leaving Sophie befuddled. Last week, a loved one reward could have made Noah the most popular man on the island with the choice of giving his reward to everyone but himself, but he decided to take the reward for himself, further worsening his position with the jury and potential future jury members. He was the next to go on everyone's hit list, until he won immunity, then Sophie & Haydon wanted his next closest ally, Cheyenne out. But Courtney was not on board due to her previous promise to Cheyenne & Noah, and Haydon & Sophie were sent to the jury. Noah won the final immunity challenge, and took Cheyenne to the final tribal council, eliminating Courtney. Cheyenne defeated Noah 5-2 to win her second season.


Contestant Original Tribe Second Tribe Merge Voted Out Total Votes

Yoshi Takashi, 22

Seattle, WA


Bicolano Day 1 6

May Carpenter, 56

Savannah, GA


Moro Day 1 8

Whitney Cozart, 38

Cincinatti, OH


Moro Day 4 6

Philip Woods, 29

Cortland, NY



Day 5



Nick Lowell, 33

El Paso, TX


Bicolano Bicolano Day 7 4

Star Jirachi, 40

Jupiter, FL


Bicolano Bicolano Day 10 1

Alec Vermeer, 34

Millis, MA


Moro Moro Day 13 4

Grayson Dos Santos, 27

Burlington, VT


Bicolano Moro Day 13 1

Jake Benneteau, 38

Queens, NY


Moro Bicolano Day 16 5

Dane Williams, 30

Orlando, FL


3rd, Pandora

Moro Moro Nakaligtas

Day 19



Noel Matthews, 24

Portland, ME


Moro Moro Nakaligtas

Day 22



Brandon Blackwell, 28

Tuscon, AZ


Moro Moro Nakaligtas

Day 25



Shayla Rosenthal, 25

East Rutherford, NJ


Moro Bicolano Nakaligtas

Day 28





Savannah, GA


Bicolano Moro Nakaligtas

Day 31



Sophie McKenley, 28

Winston-Salem, NC


Moro Bicolano Nakaligtas

Day 32



Courtney Hall, 25

Layton, UT


Bicolano Moro Nakaligtas

Day 34



Noah Brener, 26

Springfield, MO


Bicolano Bicolano Nakaligtas Second Place 4

Cheyenne Watson, 29

Stillwater, MN


Winner, Occultus Island

Bicolano Bicolano Nakaligtas Sole Survivor 7

The GameEdit

Episode Title Reward Immunity Voted Out Finish
"Hectic" Yoshi

1st Voted Out

Day 1


2nd Voted Out

Day 1

"Flipship" Moro* Whitney

3rd Voted Out

Day 4

"Pearly" Moro Nick

5th Voted Out

Day 7

Moro Moro Star

6th Voted Out

Day 10

"Scriptflip" Moro Bicolano Alec

7th Voted Out

Day 13


8th Voted Out

Day 13

"Blindsided" Moro Moro Jake

9th Voted Out

Day 16









10th Voted Out

Day 19 (JURY)




Brandon Noel

11th Voted Out

Day 22 (JURY)

Survivor Auction Shayla Brandon

12th Voted Out

Day 25 (JURY)

"Luxury" Survivor Luxury Competition Noah Shayla

13th Voted Out

Day 28 (JURY)

"Anger" Noah Noah Haydon

14th Voted Out

Day 31 (JURY)

"FINALE" Courtney Sophie

15th Voted Out

Day 32 (JURY)

Noah Courtney

16th Voted Out

Day 34 (JURY)

*Moro won immunity, but exchanged it for flint in a secret bottle twist

Voting HistoryEdit

Contestant Day 1 Day 4 Day 5 Day 7 Day 10 Day 13A Day 13B Day 16 MERGE Day 19 Day 22 Day 25 Day 28 Day 31 Day 32 Day 34 Day 35
Cheyenne Yoshi Bicolano Sophie Star Jake Nakaligtas Dane Noel ** Shayla Haydon Sophie No Vote WINNER
Noah Yoshi Bicolano Sophie ** Jake Nakaligtas Dane Noel Brandon Shayla Haydon Sophie Courtney SECOND
Courtney Yoshi Moro Alec ** Nakaligtas Dane Noel ** Shayla Haydon Sophie No Vote Noah
Sophie May Whitney Bicolano Nick ** Jake Nakaligtas Dane Noel ** Shayla Cheyenne Noah Cheyenne
Haydon Yoshi Moro Alec ** Nakaligtas Dane Noah ** Shayla Cheyenne Cheyenne
Shayla May Whitney Bicolano Nick ** Jake Nakaligtas Dane Noel ** Urethrah Cheyenne
Brandon May Whitney Moro Noel ** Nakaligtas Cheyenne Noel **  Cheyenne
Noel May Dane Moro Alec ** Nakaligtas Dane Noah Noah
Dane May Whitney Moro Noel Grayson Nakaligtas Cheyenne Cheyenne
Jake May Whitney Bicolano Nick ** Noah
Grayson Yoshi Moro Alec **
Alec May Whitney Moro Noel
Star Cheyenne Bicolano Nick **
Nick Cheyenne Bicolano Sophie
Philip Yoshi NOT CHOSEN
Whitney May Dane
May Dane
Yoshi Cheyenne

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