In 11 seasons of Smiley20's Survivor Series we visited exciting and magnificent places from all around the world, from Cambodia to Guyana and from Philippines to Tanzania, all with dense forests or beautiful beaches. But now, for the 12th season, we’re heading to one of the roughest places on Earth, the Arabian Peninsula. The largest peninsula in the world is also home of the largest sand desert in the world, the Rub’ al Khali, this is where 18 new contestants will be abandoned. With temperatures rising up to 50 C, how can they survive the extreme conditions and each other and bring home the title of Sole Survivor? 39 days, 18 people, 1 Survivor! 

Survivor Arabia 13

Player Original Tribe Merge Tribe Voted out Days Votes
Realchance Mecca 1st voted out day 3 9
DylanM Medina Evacuated day 4 0
Republican Medina Evacuated day 6 0
AndiePalmer Mecca 2nd voted out day 9 5
Nostalgic Mecca 3rd voted out day 12 4
JakeD Medina 4th voted out day 15 5
Kenu Mecca 5th voted out day 18 8
Mooohades Medina Quit day 18 0
tBlizzi Mecca Jeddah Drew Purple Rock day 21 0
SurvivorFan Medina 7th voted out day 24 4
Wonderdog Medina 8th voted out day 27 9
BBobsesser Mecca 9th voted out day 30 8
Crazylocobeast Mecca 10th voted out day 33 11
Noobsmoke Mecca 11th voted out day 36 6
Levonini Mecca 12th voted out day 38 5
rikku Medina 2nd Runner-up day 39 4
Jacob_C Medina Runner-up day 39 5
Manalord Medina SOLE SURVIVOR day 39 1

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