Survivor El Salvador 14
For the 14th season of Smiley20’s Survivor Series we are heading to El Salvador, the smallest country in continental America. A place that still hides a piece of the Mayan culture, which was devastated by the Spanish conquistadors and where volcanoes and earthquakes very often disturb the life of the people. The jungles of this country is where 16 new people will be abandoned to live on their own. They will have to survive the elements, the weather and will have to battle with each other. They all fight for the same thing, to be called the Sole Survivor. This is Survivor Salvador, 39 days, 16 people, 1 survivor!


Contestant Original Tribe Merge Tribe Voted out Days Votes
Cowkal Alvarado 1st voted out day 3 8
Thefish Alvarado 2nd voted out day 6 7
Monica Cuzcatlan 3rd voted out day 9 5
Lassidoggy Cuzcatlan 4th voted out day 12 5
Cole Alvarado 5th voted out day 15 5
Jfsredhead Alvarado 6th voted out day 18 4
IceIceBaby Cuzcatlan Terremoto 7th voted out day 21 7
AustinBenevides Alvarado 8th voted out day 24 5
Caliboy Alvarado 9th voted out day 27 5
DrPepsi Alvarado 10th voted out day 30 8
GirlsGeneration Cuzcatlan 11th voted out day 33 8^
Tadds Cuzcatlan 12th voted out day 35 4
Sportygirl Cuzcatlan Lost Tiebreaker day 37 6
Ofl Alvarado 14th voted out day 38 3"
PeachesnCream Cuzcatlan Runner-up day 39 2
AshlynArehart Cuzcatlan SOLE SURVIVOR day 39 4

^ - As GirlsGeneration used a Hidden Immunity Idol, 1 vote cast against her didn't count

" - As Ofl used a Hidden Immunity Idol, 4 votes cast against him didn't count

The GameEdit

Episode Title Immunity Eliminated Votes Finish
Its still the start of the game Cuzcatlan cowkal 8-0 1st voted out
Lets rock this ladies Cuzcatlan thefish 7-0 2nd voted out
Lets just take the high road Alvarado Monica 5-1-1-1 3rd voted out
I want a fair game Alvarado lassidoggy 4-2-1(0) 4th voted out
Get rid of a weak player Cuzcatlan cole 5-1 5th voted out
The game will change Cuzcatlan jfsredhead 3-2 6th voted out
Merge always scares me Austin IceIceBaby 7-1-1-1 7th voted out
You're letting the boys come back Tadds Austin 5-3-1 8th voted out
Hopefully I can survive Ofl Caliboy 5-1-1-1 9th voted out
I have seen the cracks Ofl DrPepsi 5-1-1 10th voted out
A heartbreak is set to happen Ofl GirlsGeneration 5-1 11th voted out
One step closer Ashlyn Tadds 4(0)-1 12th voted out
Never thought about it Ofl Sportygirl 2-2 / 1-1 Lost Tiebreaker
Finale Ashlyn Ofl 1-0 14th voted out
PeachesnCream 2 votes Runner-up
AshlynArehart 5 votes SOLE SURVIVOR

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