Survivor ethiopia 5 - fears
This is the fifth season of Smiley20's Survivor Series!

For the past 4 seasons, Smiley20's Survivor Series took place in unforgettable places, the same happens in season 5 as well, as we are heading to Ethiopia. A country that for the most of his history, was a free country. Nowadays, people despite their bad situation are happy, friendly, but in fact are people who can survive in the wild. 16 players will have to do the same and in the end 1 will outplay, outwit and outlast everybody and will become the SOLE SURVIVOR!!!

Contestant Original Tribe Tribe Swap Merged Tribe Position Days Votes
sonic Aksum 1st voted out day 3 2
marthean Aksum 2nd voted out day 6 2
kaylee Meroe Quit day 8 0
Eddog Aksum Tiebreaker Lost day 10 2
JakeDavid Habesha Habesha Evacuated day 12 0
Josh Habesha Habesha Quit day 15 0
jdog Awash Awash Quit day 17 0
Mitsuki Awash Habesha Hayl

4th voted out / 1st jury member

day 20 4
NorthCarolina Awash Habesha

5th voted out / 2nd jury member

day 24 4
Tyler Meroe Habesha 6th voted out / 3rd jury member day 28 7
cassie_colvin Meroe Habesha 7th voted out / 4th jury member day 32 9
dragotistic Habesha Awash 8th voted out / 5th jury member day 34 4
Chantra Aksum Awash 9th voted out / 6th jury member day 36 4
Gaiaphage Awash Awash 10th voted out / 7th jury member day 38 5
Leonine_Divine Meroe Awash Runner-up day 39
thedarkpassanger Habesha Awash SOLE SURVIVOR day 39 0
* - As Leon used an idol, 3 votes cast against him didn't countEdit