Survivor Galapagos 9
For eight seasons of Smiley20's Survivor Series new groups of ambitious tengagers have battled it out to see who could outlast the others in a test of skill and strategy all over the world. Now a new group is converging on the Galapagos Islands a stunning archepalago made up of volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. These beautiful islands host some of the most unique animals on the face of the planet. Swiiming lizards, flightless birds, and huge totrtises are just some of the many natural wonders to be found in this island paradise. It was here Charles Darwin formulated many of the ideas that would lead to his fame. Now 16 survivors will test the theory of survival of the fittest for themselves. Who will fall by the way side and who will adapt to become the next SOLE SURVIVOR?
Contestant Tribe


Merge Voted out Redemption Finish Votes
DoubleSS Lagarto 2nd voted out 1st duel loser day 7 3
Dane_Williams Tortuga Evacuated Evacuated day 10 0
Clues Tortuga Tortuga Evacuated Evacuated day 13 0
Glinda Tortuga 1st voted out Evacuated day 13 3
tyler Lagarto Tortuga 4th voted out 2nd duel loser day 16 6
Deadbeatjonah Tortuga Tortuga 3rd voted out 2nd duel loser day 16 4

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