Survivor Guiana 10 - Occultus Island
After 9 seasons and a long break, Smiley20's Survivor Series is returning to it's 10th season. For this anniversary season, 18 people are sent into one of the most untouched places on Earth, the rain forests of Guyana, but also home of one of the most dangerous animals, anacondas, piranhas, caimans. Also, for this season, a new twist will appear for these survivors. The Devil's Island. Once they are voted out, they aren't out from the game. They go to Devil's Island, where they will start a new game. Once 5 players are sent to the island, a post-merge game begins with individual challenges and tribal councils. At one point, some of the players on the island will return to the game and probably will seek revenge on those who voted them out first. We are ahead of a great season, but who will outwit, outplay and outlast all the others. 18 people, 2 games, 1 SOLE SURVIVOR

The game was played between 20th October 2012 - 11th November 2012.

Player Original Tribe Tribe Switch Merge Tribe Voted out Devil's Island Days Votes
Tennisguy Arawak     Medically Evacuated day 6 1
Mkhan Arawak Carib   5th voted out Quit day 15 5
tylerlh Arawak     3rd voted out 1st voted out day 17 7
Australia Arawak Arawak    6th voted out  2nd voted out  day 19
Masiexo Carib 2nd voted out Lost Challenge day 21 7
Missalice Carib Carib 4th voted out Lost Challenge day 21 4
EchoMaster Arawak 1st voted out Lost Challenge day 21 3
Dangon Arawak Carib 7th voted out Returned day 21 7
Jamesatsonga Carib Carib 8th voted out Returned day 21 7
JoshJosh Arawak Arawak Fundiu

9th voted out 1st juror

  day 24 7
Jonny_Algeo Carib Arawak 10th voted out 2nd juror day 26 10
Cfff Arawak Carib 11th voted out 3rd juror day 28


Jamesatsonga Carib Carib 12th voted out 4th juror day 30 15
Manipulation Carib Arawak 13th voted out 5th juror day 32 6
Dangon Arawak Carib 14th voted out 6th juror   day 34 13
Zattack Carib Arawak 15th voted out 7th juror day 36 9
Jettej Arawak Arawak 16th voted out 8th juror   day 38 9
Thewinner Carib Carib 2nd Runner-up day 39 2
Simvivorrway Carib Arawak Runner-up day 39 3
Losangelesgirl Carib Carib SOLE SURVIVOR   day 39 4

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