Survivor madagascar 8 - Second Chances

After 7 seasons we have seen some great players who became well known in Smiley20's Survivor Series. But also, there were players who didn't make it too far from different reasons. After those who made a first good impression returned in season 6, now those who didn't are in for a Second Chance. This is their last time when they can show that they are good players as nobody wants to fail twice. 16 people from all past 7 seasons are back for redemption, but only 1 will be crowned Sole Survivor!

Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Position Days Votes


Sendra 1st voted out day 3 3


Vintana Evacuated day 6 0


Sendra 2nd voted out day 6 8


Sendra 3rd voted out day 10 2


Sendra 4th voted out day 13 5


Sendra 5th voted out day 16 4


Vintana Atika 6th voted out day 19 7


Sendra 7th voted out / 1st juror day 22 11
rockstar Vintana 8th voted out / 2nd juror day 25 4
hippydude Sendra 9th voted out / 3rd juror day 28 6
sergeant Vintana 10th voted out / 4th juror day 31 4
SweetRem Vintana 11th voted out / 5th juror day 34 13
JakeDavid Vintana 12th voted out / 6th juror day 36 2
Hudspith Sendra 13th voted out / 7th juror day 38 5
BBlover Vintana Runner-up day 39 2
juna Vintana SOLE SURVIVOR day 39 1

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