Survivor Maldives is the first season of Drago's Survivor. Since it is the first season, it was a classic game without any twists.

Season SummaryEdit

18 tengagers set out on a adventure of a lifetime. They were split into 2 tribes. Naga in Blue, Mitos in Orange. Mitos tribe won the first challenge, sending Naga to tribal council. At the Tribal Council, it came down to Zoe and Johnny in a tiebreaker challenge. Johnny won, sending Zoe out. Zoe was not happy and ranted about being voted off. At the next challenge, Mitos proved strong once again by winning the challenge, sending Naga to tribal again, and Naga voted out Jharrin. At the next challenge, Naga won, sending Mitos to tribal council, and voted out Pratty. At the next challenge, Matty could not live under these conditions and opted out of the game, making the tribes 8-6, but Naga proved strong and won, without faltering from Matty's withdrawal from the game. At tribal council, the tribe voted out the most inactive player, AJ. At the next challenge, Naga again won, sending the spiraling Mitos tribe to tribal where Aaron was voted out. The tribes then merged into Sakytu with even numbers 6-6. At the first Individual Immunity, Ortiz won, securing him a spot in the F11, but watched as his old tribemate, Unit, become the first member of the Jury. It seemed like Naga was going to pagong the Mitos tribe 6-5. At the challenge, Madison won immunity, and again a former Mitos was voted Out, Angel became the 2nd member of the Jury. The Old Mitos didn't look like much anymore. At the challenge, Ortiz again won. Then, Jon from Naga took a huge blow by being blindsided, and he was the first Naga member to get voted out after the merge. At the Next Challenge, Drew won immunity and they voted out what they thought was the biggest threat, Oakley, and sent him to the Jury. At the Survivor Auction, Bob bought immunity and was given the burden of choosing ONE other person to also have immunity, and he gave it to Ty. At a unsuspected Double Tribal, everyone only got to vote once, but TWO people would join the Jury and Michael, the inactive became the 5th Juror and also Drew, who was projected as the biggest threat then. At the next challenge, Ty won immunity, guaranteeing himself a spot in the Final 5, and the tribe voted out Madison making her the 7th member of the Jury. At the Final 5, Ortiz won immunity, guaranteeing himself a spot in the Final 4. He and Brian both voted for Ty, and Brian went home, but Ortiz lied to Ty saying it was Johnny that voted him. At Final 4, Bob won immunity and Johnny was voted out, due to Ty's belief that Johnny voted him. At Final 3, All 3 finalists got 3 votes, enforcing the "Second Choice" twist upon them. The Jury then had to vote for someone different than who they voted originally. And at the Reunion, Bob was voted Sole Survivor over Ty and Ortiz in a 5-3-1 vote.

Twists Of The SeasonEdit

At the Final 8, bobbert1000 bought immunity at the auction, he also was given the choice of giving immunity to another person, and he gave it to Flamelord. At Tribal Council, it was revealed that each person would only vote once, but the 2 with the most votes will be eliminated.

At the Final Tribal Council, it was a 3-Way tie between bobbert1000, Flamelord, and EliOrtiz1234. The Jury was required to send in their "Second Choice" to win because they could not vote for the same person they originally voted for.

The ContestantsEdit

The Official Cast
Contestants Placing Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
RoboZoe 18th Naga

1st Voted Out and Quit

Day 3

jharrin7887 17th Naga 2nd Voted Out Day 6 3
pratty437 16th Mitos 3rd Voted Out Day 9 4
MattyBB9 15th Naga Quit Day 10 4
jflora18 14th Mitos 5th Voted Out Day 13 7
TheThomas23ism 13th Mitos

6th Voted Out

Day 18

Unit8890 12th Mitos Sakytu 7th Voted Out; 1st Member Of The Jury Day 21 3
emo_angel 11th Mitos Sakytu 8th Voted Out; 2nd member Of The Jury Day 24 11
Jonofthefunk 10th Naga Sakytu

9th Voted Out; 3rd member of the Jury

Day 27

ofl1998 9th Naga Sakytu

10th Voted Out; 4th member of the Jury

Day 30

Bradyman7 8th Naga Sakytu

11th Voted Out; 5th member of the Jury

Day 35

Quinn791 7th Naga Sakytu

12th Voted Out; 6th member of the Jury

Day 35

MadisonRayne 6th Mitos Sakytu

13th Voted Out; 7th member of the Jury

Day 36

bclrockschamp 5th Naga Sakytu

14th Voted Out; 8th member of the Jury Day 37

GayJohnny 4th Naga Sakytu

15th Voted Out; 9th member of the Jury

Day 38

EliOrtiz1234 3rd Mitos Sakytu

2nd Runner Up

Day 39

Flamelord 2nd Mitos Sakytu

Runner Up

Day 39

bobbert1000 1st Mitos Sakytu

Sole Survivor

Day 39


<The Total Votes do not count the votes received at Final Tribal Council

The GameEdit

The Game
Episode Title Episode # Immunity Tribal Council Vote
Live Challenge Please? 1 Mitos RoboZoe


Lost Tiebreaker

PASS THE TORCH!!!! 2 Mitos jharrin7887 3-2-2-1
Hurry Up Tribe! 3 Naga pratty437 4-2-1-1-1
Maybe This Time... 4 Naga jflora18 7-1
Buh Bye 5 Naga TheThomas23ism 4-2-1
A New Beginning 6 EliOrtiz1234 Unit8890 3-2-2-2-1-1-1
I was asleep! 7 MadisonRayne emo_angel 5-2-2-1-1
Never Let Your Guard Down 9 EliOrtiz1234 Jonofthefunk 4-2-2-1-1
Greatness comes at a price 10 Quinn791 ofl1998 3-1-1-1-1-1-1
They Never Saw It Coming 11 bobbert1000 & Flamelord Bradyman7 & Quinn791 3-3-1-1
Here is Where It Begins.... 12 Flamelord MadisonRayne 4-2
And The Winner is...... 13 EliOrtiz1234 & bobbert1000 bclrockschamp & GayJohnny 3-2 & 3-1
Sole Survivor Runner-Ups Final Vote
Reunion 14 bobbert1000




Voting HistoryEdit

Intro HistoryEdit

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