Survivor new zealand 3

For the third season of Smiley20's Survivor Series we are heading to the Tongariro National Park in New Zealand, where 14 new and 2 returning players are battling for the title of Sole Survivor!

The winner of this season is...UndercoverMonk!

Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Voted out Redemption Days Votes
Milkisgood Manukau 1st voted out 1st duel loser day 7 6
sergeant Manukau quit quit day 9 1
jelor_gelo Kaipara 3rd voted out 2nd duel loser day 10 5
Hudspith Manukau 4th voted out 3rd duel loser day 13 3
Greenivo Kaipara 5th voted out 4th duel loser day 16 8


Peru Edit
Manukau 2nd voted out 5th duel loser day 19 5
Endo Manukau 6th voted out Returned day 19 5
Comando Kaipara Aotearoa 8th voted out 6th duel loser day 25 6
SweetRem Manukau 9th voted out 7th duel loser day 28 6
Tombique Manukau 10th voted out 8th duel loser day 30 7



Kaipara 7th voted out Returned day 30 8
Carlito Kaipara 11th voted out day 32 4
Endo Manukau 12th voted out day 34 8
Thameowmeow Manukau 13th voted out day 36 13
Jack Kaipara 14th voted out day 38 5



Kaipara 2nd Runner-up day 39 12
Bdreezy Kaipara Runner-up day 39 4
UndercoverMonk Kaipara SOLE SURVIVOR day 39 2

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