Survivor philippines 7 - exile

After the All-Star, its time for another season in Smiley20's Survivor Series ! This time, only new players are brought to the archipelago of The Philippines. 17 players will begin their adventure of a lifetime nd will try to survive the weather conditions, the wildlife and each other. But in the end, only 1 will ouplay, outwit and outlast all the others and will be crowned Sole Survivor!

Contestant Original Tribe Exile Merged Tribe Position Days Votes
rocky Luzon kyledd 1st voted out day 3 2
logan Luzon rockstar 2nd voted out day 6 5
Spinner Luzon rockstar 3rd voted out day 9 4
Brenchal Mindanao GameTime 4th voted out day 12 4
juna Luzon rockstar 5th voted out day 15 4
rockstar Luzon No Exile 6th voted out day 18 3
coolnarwhal Mindanao 7th voted out day 18 4
GameTime Mindanao jc Magellan 8th voted out / 1st jury member day 21 4
Flamelord Luzon Sparks 9th voted out / 2nd jury member day 24 10
jc Mindanao Prozach 10th voted out / 3rd jury member day 27 4
cubsguy Luzon Prozach 11th voted out / 4th jury member day 30 10
jman Mindanao No Exile 12th voted out / 5th jury member day 33


Wadester Mindanao 13th voted out / 6th jury member day 36 5
Sparks Luzon 14th voted out / 7th jury member day 38
Ninihead Mindanao 2nd Runner-up day 39 3
kyledd Luzon Runner-up day 39 1
Prozach Mindanao SOLE SURVIVOR day 39 4
* - Because Prozach played a HI on Sparks, 4 votes cast against Sparks didn't countEdit

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