After 10 seasons, Smiley20's Survivor Series is set to start it's 11th season. For this season, 15 people are sent to the savannas of Tanzania. Surrounded by the dangerous wildlife, they will have to adapt to the environment and to each other and will have to survive in this tough region. They will be joined by 3 people, who already played this game, but they were cut short right after the merge. Will they be able to go past that performance or will they get cut short again? We are ahead of a great season, but who will outwit, outplay and outlast all the others? 39 days, 18 people, 1 SOLE SURVIVOR!
Survivor tanzania 11

The game is set to start on 15th November 2012!


Player Original Tribe Tribe Switch Merge Tribe Voted out Days Votes
Hinata Simba 1st voted out day 3 6
Survivor Nyumbu 2nd voted out day 6 7
Sally Simba 3rd voted out day 9 6
Jfsredhead Nyumbu 4th voted out day 12 4
Preznewton Vifaru 5th voted out day 15 4
Alyxandra Vifaru 6th voted out day 18 4
Mattkwon Vifaru Simba 7th voted out day 20 4


Simba Nyumbu 8th voted out day 22 7
Kantus Simba Simba Tanga 9th voted out day 24 6


Vifaru Nyumbu 10th voted out day 26 8
Charliescene Vifaru Simba 11th voted out day 28 14
JB Simba Nyumbu 12th voted out day 30 4


Nyumbu Nyumbu 13th voted out day 32 7
TDO Nyumbu Simba 14th voted out day 34 4
XJamzX Nyumbu Simba 15th voted out day 36 10

Snowgirl Nyumbu Nyumbu 16th voted out day 38 1


Simba Simba Runner-up day 39 4
Leli Vifaru Nyumbu SOLE SURVIVOR day 39


  • - Because Leli played a HII, 3 votes csat against him didn't count.

The GameEdit

Episode Title Immunity Eliminated Votes Finish
"I am here to win" Vifaru (Preznewton) Hinata 6-2 1st voted out
Nyumbu (Survivor)
"My brain is going to explode" Simba (Kantus) Survivor 7-1 2nd voted out
Vifaru (Leli)
"My hands are tied" Vifaru (Leli) Sally 6-1 3rd voted out
Nyumbu (TDO)
"Who atleast attempted" Simba (Kantus) Jfsredhead 3-1(2)-1 4th voted out
Vifaru (Leli)
"Assassin Creed Helps" Nyumbu (TDO) Preznewton 4-4 / 4-0 5th voted out
Simba (Bigbrotherfan)
"I put the team on my back!" Simba (Bigbrotherfan) Alyxandra 4-1(2) 6th voted out
Nyumbu (Snowgirl)
"I wanted to merge!" Nyumbu (JB) Mattkwon 4-3 7th voted out
"Hell yeah they have been!" Simba (Bigbrotherfan) GameTime 3(4)-2 8th voted out
"I need to socialize more on this website" JoshJosh Kantus 6-3-1 9th voted out
"It's nice to have Immunity in this voting-chaos" Leli Ferdinandz 5-2-1-1(0) 10th voted out
"I'm just here having some fun" Leli Charliescene 5-3 11th voted out
"Trust is too much in a game like this" Leli JB 4-2-1 12th voted out
"It's a pretty lonely feeling" Bigbrotherfan JoshJosh 4-2 13th voted out
"Until he PM'd me his vote...for me" XJamzX TDO 3(0)-2 14th voted out
"Finale Part 1" Leli XJamzX 2-2 / 2-0 15th voted out
"Finale Part 2" Bigbrotherfan Snowgirl 1-0 16th voted out
Bigbrotherfan 2 votes Runner-up
Leli 5 votes SOLE SURVIVOR


"The Kidnapped": Every time when a tribe goes to tribal council, they kidnap 1 player from each of the 2 winning tribes. These players will then go to tribal council and will participate in it. They can't be voted out, but they will a say in the vote as they need to choose between the next two options: cast a vote or void a players' vote.

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