Survivor Veitnam

Vietnam is a land of noble history. Generation after generation, children and grown ups alike respected the idea of being selfless and giving. Survivor is a game that rivals this belief. A game of deceit, lies, and lost promises seems like a bad fit for a country that worships honesty and willingness to sacrifice. However, we've rivaled this. In Survivor Vietnam, you will need to know when to be selfish, and when to give. It will be unlike any other season in history. But like its predecessors, you will need to Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast everyone else to be called the Sole Survivor.

18 people played, 33 auditioned and 15 were cut.

Vietnam is the first season of Face's Survivor Series . It started July 11th, and lated until ???.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Finish Votes
Saola 1st Voted Out
Day 2
Dhole 2nd Voted Out
Day 3
Saola 3rd Voted Out
Day 4


Dhole Saola

=4th Voted Out
Day 5



Dhole Dhole

=4th Voted Out
Day 5

Saola Saola 6th Voted Out
Day 6
Saola Saola ??? 0
Saola Saola ??? 3
Saola Saola ??? 0
Dhole Saola ??? 3
Dhole Saola ??? 0
Saola Dhole ??? 1
Saola Dhole ??? 3
Saola Dhole ??? 0
Dhole Dhole ??? 0*
Dhole Dhole ??? 0
Dhole Dhole ??? 2
Dhole Dhole ??? 0
  • = Jack had a selfvote on Episode 4, however he also won immunity and thus his self vote was voided.

The GameEdit

Episode title Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
"I Am Determined To Win" Dhole Tabby 6-2-1 1st Voted Out
Day 2
"Catch The Goose" Saola Rem 9-0 2nd Voted Out
Day 3
"It Wasn't My Turn To Babysit" Dhole George 5-2-1 3rd Voted Out
Day 4
"Never Liked That Guy" Ashley Joe 4-2-1 =4th Voted Out
Day 5
Jack Nick 3-2-2 =4th Voted Out
Day 5
"Keeping A Strong Tribe" Dhole Amanda 3-2-1

6th Voted Out
Day 6

Episode SummaryEdit

"I Am Determined To Win"Edit

At the first challenge of the season, a letter was mailed to each cast mate and they had to figure out what the word was. Despite the seemingly even start, Dhole managed to pull ahead and win immunity. At the Dhole campsite... At the Saola campsite... At Tribal Council, everyone seemed on board with voting out someone that was unable to compete at the first challenge. In a 6-2-1 vote, Tabby was voted out first in Survivor Vietnam

"Catch The Goose"Edit

At the challenge every tribe had to maintain a fire, the longest lasting fire wins. Despite only Ashley, Amanda, Monty, and David being there to compete, Saola won immunity thanks to being more organized. At the Dhole campsite... At the Saola campsite... At Tribal council, Joe adressed the fact that people on the other tribe shouldn't celebrate meanly when they win.

"It Wasn't My Turn To Babysit"Edit

At the challenge, a poll was posted in which Dhole completely slaughtered Saola. At the Dhole campsite... At the Saola campsite... At tribal council, No one was sure wether their tribe has unified since last tribal. In the end, the tribe was just as it was before when George was voted out similarly to Tabby, 5-2-1.

Voting HistoryEdit

Original Tribes Switched Tribes
Episode # : 1 2 3 4
Eliminated: Tabby
6/9 Votes
9/9 Votes
5/8 Votes
4/7 Votes
3/8 Votes
Voter Vote
David ??? ??? ???
Ashley ??? ??? ???
Amanda ??? ??? ???
Monty ??? ??? ???
Peace ??? ??? ???
Tina ??? ??? ???
Noah ??? ??? ???
Joe Rem ???
Leslie Rem ???
Jack Rem ???
Ken Rem ???
Nora Rem ???
Nick Rem ???
Bingo Rem ???
RJ Rem ???
George ??? ???
Rem SV
Tabby ???

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