A T-Shirt designed by thefartydoctor.

A T-Shirt is the simplest way to create a design and is made up of a basic T-Shirt (available in different colors) and a photo of your choice. This item, if successful, can make it to auction.

How to make your T-ShirtEdit

Upon entering the 'Designs' page, a user must then click 'add design'. The user will then be immediately faced with the T-Shirt design mode. You must click the color that you wish your T-Shirt to be. Colors available are black, green, red, blue and pink.

A user must then upload a photo from his/her computer to sit upon the T-Shirt. Once uploaded, the T-Shirt will automatically be created and you will be faced with a page, requiring some details. Once titling your T-Shirt design and writing some information about it, you can continue and your design will be entered into the 'Designs' page.

This design will be voted upon by other users for three days and if, after these three days, the design does not enter auction, then the design will be removed from the voting process.

Expert over T-Shirt designsEdit

Users generally find Expert Designs much more impressive and will give them more points. This is because T-Shirt designs are seen to be too simplistic and unfashionable by many users. However, the experience is fun and it is a way of starting your journey into designing items.

Outside LinksEdit

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