Tengaged is the name of a Reality Social Network in which users can play numerous games which are similar to currently existing reality shows such as Big Brother USA, Big Brother UK and Survivor. You can also create Blogs, upload Designs and play the Shops game. Every player of Tengaged plays these games to earn Tengaged Dollars and Karma for many reasons but mainly to try to enter the Hall of Fame.

History of TengagedEdit

Please visit History of Tengaged.

Tengaged Brasil and EspañaEdit

Tengaged España: this version of Tengaged is for Spanish contestants. However, alternatively depending on your locations you may enroll into English games.

Tengaged Brasil: this version of Tengaged is for Brazilian contestants. You cannot speak any other language but Portuguese and Spanish.

These sites are clones of the English version of Tengaged. The only difference is the rules, prices, prizes, etc.

Outside LinksEdit

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