Big Brother Fastings

This is the first all-time original series of a Tengaged user named Rebelman2227. He has played many games on the site and has decided to make an alternative turnout series. This will include all of the users in each one of his games starting from his first ever played, to his recent games. The rules will be similar, but with many twists along the way.

This game was based on this Fastings (, and involved 15 contestants. The twist I put on the game, was that in the competition for immunity, you would go out in sequence and would nominate 2 people immediately after, but you could only nominate people still in the game and also the person who could not compete because they won immunity last round. There would also be revotes in cases of ties, instead of leaving it to There was also a jury formed in final 9 to help determine the winner out of the final 3. In finals, I would put together the amount of POV's won, and the jury votes cast towards that person, and take away those points from the amount of nominations and evictions that the person had gotten. The person with the lowest amount of points in final 3, would then win the game. These were the contestants competing:


Contestant Day Voted POV's Won Total Noms and Evictions Total Game Score



Day 1


0 14 14



Day 2


0 16 16



Day 3


0 27 27



Day 4


1 15 14



Day 5


0 25 25



Day 6


0 26 26



Day 7


1 13 12



Day 8


1 45 44



Day 9


2 39 37



Day 10


2 36 34



Day 11


1 7 6



Day 12



2 26 24



Day 13


0 30 30



Day 13


1 25 24



Day 13


1 24 23
  • Yellow: Winner ($1,000,000)
  • Blue: Runner-Up ($500,000)
  • Red: Runner-Runner-Up ($100,000)
  • Green: Most Noms/Evicts ($10,000)
  • Orange: Least Noms/Evicts ($10,000)
  • Pink: Player of the Season ($50,000)

Game SummaryEdit

Day 1: Order Out

Nomination Votes: Shane / Water


Eviction Votes: Shane


Day 2: Order Out

Nomination Votes: Big / Joshua


Eviction Votes: Joshua


Day 3: Order Out

Nomination Votes: Big / Nial


Eviction Votes: Big


Day 4: Order Out

Nomination Votes: Water / Zach


Eviction Votes: Zach


Day 5: Order Out

Nomination Votes: Water / Nial, 9, Maynor


Tie Votes: Maynor


Eviction Votes: Maynor


Day 6: Order Out

Nomination Votes: Chaz / Rebel


Eviction Votes: Rebel


Day 7: Order Out

Nomination Votes: Nothing / Shim


Eviction Votes: Nothing


Day 8: Order Out

Nomination Votes: Nial / Water, Shim


Tie Votes: Shim


Eviction Votes:




Re-nomination Votes: Chaz / Water


Re-Eviction Votes: Water


Day 9: Order Out

Nomination Votes: Nial, Kail, Raygan


Tie Votes: Nial / Raygan


Eviction Votes: Nial


Day 10: Order Out

Nomination Votes: Shim / 9


Eviction Votes: Shim


Day 11: Order Out

Nomination Votes: Kail / Odessa


Eviction Votes: Odessa


Day 12: Order Out

Nomination Votes: Raygan / 9


Eviction Votes:


Tie Eviction Votes: 9


Day 13: Final 3

Jury Votes



Total Noms and Evictions




9 Maynor / Shane Shane Water Joshua / Maynor Joshua Zach Big / Maynor Big Nial Shim / Zach Zach Nothing Nial / Water Nial Water Shim Chaz / Rebel Rebel Nial Nothing / Shim Shim Raygan Kail / Nial Water Nial Nial Chaz / Kail Chaz Shim Kail / Nial Kail / Nail Nial Odessa Raygan / Shim Shim 9 Kail / Raygan Kail Kail 9 / Raygan 9 9 Raygan

(2) Water, Shim

1 24 21
Joshua Maynor / Shane Water Odessa Chaz / Rebel Joshua Kail Chaz / Rebel Nial Raygan 9 / Maynor Water Chaz Nial / Water Nial Water 9 Chaz / Raygan Rebel Chaz Raygan / Shim Shim Chaz Shim / Water Shim Shim Shim 9 / Water / 9 Chaz / Kail Nial / Raygan Nial Kail 9 / Shim Shim Raygan Kail / Odessa Odessa Chaz 9 / Raygan Raygan 9 Kail (1) Nial 1 25 23
Nial Kail / Odessa Water Raygan Big / Nial Joshua Rebel 9 / Big Big Maynor Water / Zach Zach Rebel Nial / Water Nial Water Raygan Chaz / Rebel Rebel 9 Nothing / Water Nothing Odessa Nial / Shim Shim Nial Nial Chaz / Water Water Chaz Odessa / Raygan Kail / Raygan Raygan Chaz 9 / Shim Shim Kail Chaz / Odessa / Raygan 9 / Chaz / / Chaz (3) Nothing, Odessa, 9 0 30 27
Maynor Chaz / Shane Water Kail Joshua / Rebel Joshua Shim Big / Maynor Big Odessa Water / Zach Water Kail 9 / Maynor Maynor Maynor Odessa Kail / Rebel Rebel Kail Nothing / Shim Shim Shim Kail / Nial / / Chaz / Kail Chaz Odessa Nial / Raygan Nial / Raygan Nial 9 Raygan / Shim / Chaz Kail / Odessa Odessa 9 Chaz / Raygan / /
Odessa Raygan / Rebel Shane Shim Big / Nial Joshua Maynor 9 / Big Nial 9 Water / Zach Water Raygan 9 / Maynor Maynor Maynor Kail Chaz / Rebel Rebel Water Nothing / Raygan Nothing 9 Nial / Water Shim Shim Shim Chaz / Water Water Kail Nial / Raygan / Raygan Raygan 9 / Chaz 9 Odessa Kail / Raygan /
Big Rebel / Shane Shane Nothing 9 / Big Big 9 Nothing / Raygan Nial Nothing Water / Zach Zach Odessa Shim / Water Maynor Maynor Water Chaz / Rebel Rebel Odessa Nothing / Shim Nothing Water Kail / Nial / Nial (Nulled by Nial) Chaz / Kail / Nial Kail / Raygan / / Shim Chaz / Kail /
Kail Chaz / Shane Shane Chaz 9 / Big Big Raygan Big / Nial Big Rebel Water / Zach Zach Maynor Nial / Water / / Nail Chaz / Rebel Rebel Raygan Chaz / Nothing Nothing Kail Shim / Water Shim Shim (Nulled by Kail) 9 / Water Water Raygan Kail / Nial / /
Shane Nothing / Shim / Rebel 9 / Big Big Nothing Big / Nial Big Shim Chaz / Water Water Water 9 / Shim Maynor / Rebel Chaz / Kail / Nothing Raygan / Shim / Nial Shim / Water Shim / 9 / Water Water
Raygan Chaz / Water Shane Nial Joshua / Maynor Joshua Chaz Big / Nial Big Chaz Kail / Water Zach Shim 9 / Maynor Maynor Maynor Chaz Kail / Rebel / Shim Chaz / Nothing /
Shim Rebel / Water Shane Maynor 9 / Big Big Odessa Big / Nial Nial Water Kail / Shim / 9 Shim / Water / Maynor Nothing Kail / Raygan Rebel
Nothing Chaz / Rebel Water Zach Big / Joshua Joshua Nial Big / Rebel / Kail Shim / Water Zach Nial Maynor / Rebel / Maynor
Chaz Water / Zach Shane Joshua 9 / Big / Big Nial / Rebel / Zach 9 / Maynor /
Rebel Water / Zach Shane Big Joshua / Maynor / Water Chaz / Rebel Nial
Zach Shane / Water Shane 9 Joshua / Maynor Joshua
Water Joshua / Zach /

Episode SummariesEdit

Day 1

15 houseguests enter to compete for the $1,000,000 prize and the title of Top Tengager. The players were informed that the first POV challenge would be taken place right away and would have to vote two people who they would like to see nominated immediately after they had finished the challenge. This meant that the first vote would most likely be based on appearance. It then so happened that 9 finished the challenge first and became the house's first POV holder, assuring that 9 could not be voted out that day. One by one, the houseguests left the competition, and it seemed that most people were nominating based on physical appearance, looking like they could be possible threats to the house. When the nominations were revealed, the strongest person in the house, Shane, was nominated up against what seemed like the weakest person in the house, Water. The houseguests were then informed that after the nominations were revealed, they would have 8-10 hours to talk and strategize with their housemates. Shane quickly formed an alliance with other strong members in the house, Joshua and Maynor. They strategized for ways of keeping Shane safe, and realized they should try to approach the most liked person in the house, Big. If they could sway his vote, he could be influencial to others. Big had meanwhile formed a bond with Nial and Kail. When Shane offered his deal to Big about saving the bigger threats to keep a smaller target on his back, Big found it nonsense thinking if he was liked in the house, then he wouldn't be seen as a threat. Nonetheless, Big told Shane's deal to Nial and Kail, and Nial thought it would be strategic to keep Shane, but decided not to start a big deal over it. On the other side of the house, Raygan, Zach and Shim formed a close bond, and so did Rebel and Chaz. Chaz discussed with Rebel that they thought they should have a weaker third leg for votes and also so they could beat him in the end. With that plan in mind, they pulled in Nothing as a third leg. During the eviction vote, Shane's alliance plus Nial and Nothing decided to save Shane, but it wasn't enough votes, as Shane was voted out by a vote of 9-4.

Day 2

Before the challenge, Big made it clear he thought he was far from being nominated and started annoying the others unintentionally. At the POV challenge, the outgoing POV holder would not be able to compete, and was therefore given the power to nominate any two houseguests except the POV holder after everyone else has nominated. To redeem himself as something other than a weak player, Water won POV and was safe from the vote. Maynor and Joshua struggled to finish the challenge and ended up being in the last four remaining. When the nominations were revealed, Joshua was nominated, but up against Big. Big had an outrage back at the house and lashed out at Joshua because he felt Joshua had said something to the house after Shane left to make them vote against him. Joshua took it cool, hoping that Big's outrage would work in his favor. In the end, the house voted against Joshua by a vote of 8-4, because of the sole fact they believed Joshua had stirred up trouble with Big.

Day 3

With Shane and Joshua gone, Maynor was the remainder of that alliance, except nobody in the house knew. Maynor took this opportunity to fly under the radar and make new alliances, targetting the stronger people in the house to help himself get further. His first target in mind was Big, except the house was already almost unanymously set on getting Big out, for the fact he didn't take being nominated well at all. With that in mind, everyone knew Big's best friend in the house was Nial, and Nial was a vote to save Big. At the POV competition, Zach showed his strong side and won POV, and just as planned, the house's nominations went through, and Big and Nial were nominated. Since Big knew he was going, he decided to play calm and observe peoples actions. He realized that Zach seemed way too confident as POV holder and he would go off and whisper to Shim often. Big told his foundings to his alliance of Nial, Water and Kail so when he left, they could do damage control. Because they were a small alliance, Big decided to find the floaters in the house, and get their votes. He managed to talk to 9 and Odessa and get their votes for the following days for damage control. 9 and Odessa both agreed that they did not want to be a part of any big alliance, for fear of getting backstabbed, so instead, they made a deal that they would never vote against each other or campaign for the other to leave. Maynor, on the other hand, also realized Zach's cockiness and spoke his mind to Chaz about the situation. Chaz developed a trust for Maynor, and informed Rebel and Nothing about the new member. When Maynor found out he was in an alliance of four, he decided to have fun with his new talent of making alliances, and spoke to 9 about a deal. It went through well and he found himself playing two alliances at once. With the new alliances, he was torn at the vote when he realized both alliances were voting differently, but in the end he voted strategically in an attempt to save Big. When the votes were revealed, Big found himself walking out of the house on a 6-5 vote.

Day 4

The three biggest threats in the house were the first three voted out, so at this point, it was anyones game. Kail, Water and Nial felt that they would be gone next because they were remnants of Big, when really, the house was still going after big threats. At the POV competition, once again, the person who survived the last vote became the winner, and Nial felt that victory. With the alliance of Kail, Nial and Water being tied together with Chaz, Rebel, Nothing and Maynor by 9 and Odessa, it seemed that the next vote would be nearly unanymous. The vote did come shockingly as Zach found himself on the hotseat next to the great pawn Water. With Zach desperate to find out who came up with the plan to get himself nominated, 9 came to Zach and informed him that Maynor had been playing two sides in order to get many people to nominate him. Zach called Maynor out in a desperate attempt to save himself, but once again, the bigger threat was eliminated, and Zach found himself out of the game.

Day 5

With Maynor's new alliances revealed to the house, it seemed that Maynor was digging his own grave. Because 9 had come to Zach and revealed that information, Shim and Raygan developed a trust for 9 and Odessa. Nial, Water and Kail felt that Maynor had tried to take 9 and Odessa to flip on them, and a hatred for Maynor developed. When Raygan and Shim heard about this new hatred, they formed a 7 person alliance against Maynor, Chaz, Rebel and Nothing. Feeling left out, Nothing showed his strong side and won POV, and Chaz and Rebel followed him right out of the challenge, ensuring their safety. When the votes were revealed, the pawn Water was put up, but there was a three-way tie between Nial, Maynor and 9 for the second nominee. Everyone except for Nial, Maynor and 9 were allowed to vote one person to be nominated. When those votes were revealed, Maynor was nominated by a vote of 5-3-0. With Maynor's game falling apart, he tried to convince 9 and Odessa to keep him. All they said was they would do the best they could to keep him safe. In the end, the side they picked was obvious, as Maynor was evicted by a vote of 6-3.

Day 6

Rebel, Chaz and Nothing knew their backs were against the wall, and that POV was the only safety for one of them. At the POV challenge it was a tight race between Rebel and Shim, but one faulty mistake caught Rebel by surprise, and Shim was safe from the vote. When the nominations were revealed, Rebel and Chaz both recieved 7 nominations each. With the obvious 7 against the tiny 3, Nothing decided he needed to help his alliance members, and spoke with 9 and Odessa deep strategy. He gave arguments about how they were at the bottom of the 7, and that once himself and his allies were out of the game, 9 and Odessa we next set to go. 9 and Odessa saw past the speech as they had insured their safety by making a final four deal with Raygan and Shim. As expected at the eviction vote, the more determined and physical threat was sent packing on the first ever unanymous vote of 8-0.

Day 7

Chaz and Nothing knew that they were being targetted and once again, POV was the only hope for safety. Chaz performed well enough to secure his safety, but Nothing cost for his actions and was nominated shockingly against Shim. 9 and Odessa had intentionally nominated Nothing and someone else differently, for the sole reason the still had an alliance with Nial, Water and Kail despite their final four with Raygan and Shim. Splitting their votes became the first move they later regretted. Even though Shim was nominated, he felt that he was safe having the 7 person alliance on his side. With this in mind, daylight rose to Nial and Kail when they realized at final 7, the other two pairs in their alliance could band together and take the three of them out. They told their worries to Water, but Water refused to believe what he was being told. When Nial and Kail couldn't sway Water's mind, they gave up and threatened that because of his bad decision, they would come after him next. Nial and Kail spoke to Chaz and Nothing about their worries and glady accepted them as part of the alliance. When they noted the suspicious behaviour of Water, they agreed that if he didn't apologize or want in, he would be a target. At the eviction vote, Nothing hoped his new alliance would be enough to save him, but Water never swayed and the came in 4-3 and Nothing was voted out, becoming the first jury member.

Day 8

With the new sides drawn, it seemed obvious that Nial, Kail and Chaz were the future evictees. Fortunately, 9 and Odessa were trying to stay true to their previous alliance to Nial and Kail, and decided once again to split their votes. At the POV challenge, Chaz tried hard to keep himself immune, but lost it once again and it was given to Raygan. Chaz then got out of the challenge immediately after and his nominations were obvious. When the final nominations came in, Nial had five votes, while Shim and Water had four votes each, and there was another vote for the second nominee where only Shim and Water were not allowed to vote. 9 and Odessa decided to go against Nial and keep Water safe for strategic reasons, and the vote came in 5-1; Shim was the second nominee. Water and Nial once again lashed out at each other over the fact that Water refused to believe he wasn't in a final three with anyone. In the middle of the fight, Water made a very insulting comment about Nial's culture and it ultimately went too far. 9 and Odessa quickly realized there were six votes being cast and that ultimately, they were the deciding votes. With the drama going on, 9 and Odessa realized they had the ability to deadlock the vote and take out Water, because he was going too far and he didn't bring anything good into the house. This would also hopefully build trust in the other side of the house, but still keep their bond with Shim and Raygan strong because the reason would be legit. At the eviction, the votes were tied just as planned, and then led into a revote where the two nominees would get to nullify one other houseguest's vote each. Nial chose to nullify Water's vote and Shim chose to nullify Kail's vote. At the revote, 9 and Odessa once again tied it and this went into a deadlock. All the houseguests would vote two different nominees immediately, but the two previous nominees or the POV winner could not be nominated. Once again, 9 and Odessa mixed things up and nominated one person from each side of the house, and amazingly, their nominations went through. Chaz and Water were both nominated with five nominations each. With absolutely no time to strategize, all houseguests but the two nominees went to vote to evict. Because 9 and Odessa had helped take out Rebel and Nothing, they thought it would be best to pay back Chaz by saving him, and maybe gain his trust back. When the vote came in 4-2, Chaz was absolutely shocked to find Water leaving the house with two knives in his back.

Day 9

Raygan and Shim felt awkward after Water's eviction, because they knew that 9 and Odessa had flipped. When they asked them why they did what they did, they simply said he was causing too much drama and he needed to go. Not giving up hope, they forgave them hoping that their nominations of Kail and Nial would go through after the challenge. The challenge was a success as Shim made his second immunity win in the game. However, 9 and Odessa were still trying to split their nominations, but when the votes were revealed, there was a three-way tie between Raygan, Nial and Kail all with 4 nominations each. Only Shim, Chaz, 9 and Odessa would vote and knowing that Shim and Chaz wouldn't vote the same, the two of them controlled who was nominated. Once again, they split their votes and to Raygan's surprise, he found himself nominated up against Nial. An explanation was needed and 9 and Odessa explained it was strategic to hide the fact they were in a very close alliance. Once again, Raygan and Shim bought the bull they were being fed. Nial talked with 9 and Odessa about their deal they had made the day Maynor left. He tried to ensure his safety with the two and said he would take them to final three. Unfortunately, the two had other plans and at the eviction vote, they paid back Raygan and Shim for Water's eviction and they sent Nial packing on a 3-2 vote.

Day 10

Chaz and Kail were the only two left of their alliances, and both had the sole intention of going to final three together. They knew that at the moment it was a two against two against two voting system. They also knew that 9 and Odessa were pivotal with their votes. Kail talked to them because he had a better relationship with the two than Chaz did. He basically told them that Raygan and Shim were stronger than himself and Chaz, and that instead of going back and forth between the two alliances, he could take out the stronger alliance first and then take care of the weaker alliance. With this plan in their minds, he then made a final three deal with them to ensure his safety. At the challenge, Odessa finally won her first competition and was safe from the vote. Despite the final three that was just made, Kail and Chaz both decided that 9 was the better pawn instead of Raygan. When the nominations came in, 9 was surprised to find himself nominated for the first time yet, and Shim felt the block again. With it obvious that 9 and Odessa had once again flipped, Shim made no attempt to save himself, but instead, informed Chaz and Kail that the real threats weren't physical, but strategical threats, obviously referring to 9 and Odessa. Chaz and Kail took the info into the final 5, where Shim was no longer.

Day 11

At the final five, it was obvious that the two sway votes had pissed off everyone left in the game except themselves. They were also alligned with everyone in the game but themselves. Everyone up to this point knew that the only people up to swaying their votes were 9 and Odessa, but now if they were the next two to go, the final three would already be set. Raygan knew his back was against the wall, and it was his only opportunity at getting to final three. Kail, having made a secret alliance with 9 and Odessa, knew this meant backstabbing the both of them and supposedly losing their votes in jury. On the other hand, they could steal jury votes because they ultimately determined the fate of over half the people in the game, and that was a big accomplishment and something to reflect on. Having been nominated the day before, 9 took home immunity for the second time in the game and secured his spot in the final four. Unfortunately for Odessa, it was a different story. Kail recieved four votes and Odessa recieved three, making it the first time Odessa had experienced being nominated. With Chaz and 9's vote obvious, it seemed for once, Raygan was the swing vote. He could either vote with his original alliance with 9 and Odessa who screwed Water and Shim over, or he could vote with Chaz and Kail, who have been his enemy since day 1, but would be easier to beat in finals. It didn't seem to be that hard of a decision, as the vote came 2-1 in Kail's favor.

Day 12

Alliances had come and gone, but ultimately, the alliance that played everyone was half gone. 9 was all alone, and he could trust nobody. Since 9 could not participate in the final immunity, it seemed like his fate was sealed. Kail managed to survive eviction and then win immunity, a sequence that had happened a couple of times already in the season. Kail, Chaz and Raygan were all on the same page during the votes, and the vote went as planned. 9 and Raygan felt the hotseat, and 9 was helpless. Raygan went to ensure his safety with Chaz and Kail and they told him he would be safe, but not in the usual way. That caught Raygan offguard and he started to feel nervous. At the eviction, Raygan's speech once again tried to convince Chaz and Kail to side with him, because he wouldn't give his jury vote to backstabbers. When the votes came in, it was shockingly a tie. Since no nullifying could take place, it was explained that if it came to a deadlock, Chaz would be auto eliminated. At the revote, the votes came in 2-0, and 9 walked out and became the last juror.

Day 13

After 12 evictions, the final three was Raygan, Chaz and Kail. They were told that in order to determine their placements in the final three, they would take into account three factors: the jury's votes, the amount of POV's each had won, and the amount of nominations and evictions each had recieved. The amount of nominations and evictions would be tallied up, and the POV wins and the jury votes for that person would be tallied up also. Then the POV wins and jury votes tallied up will be deducted from the amount of nomination and evictions for that person. Finally, the person with the lowest score will win, the second lowest, 2nd place, and the highest score gets 3rd place. If there was a tie, the person with less nominations and evictions would deserve the higher placement. When the jury voted, Nial voted for his friend Kail, Nothing gave his vote to Chaz and Water and Shim gave their votes to Raygan. Once again, 9 and Odessa were the wild cards. In the end they held great grudges and decided that Chaz did the least to backstab them, and both their votes went to Chaz giving him half of the jury votes. When the nomination and eviction votes were revealed, Chaz had the most with 30, Kail in second place with 25, and Raygan had the least with 24. Unfortunately, even with half of the jury voting for Chaz, he finished with a total score of 27, still higher than Kail and Raygan's nomination and eviction votes without deduction. With that, Chaz became the runner-runner-up and placed third overall, gaining $100,000. Kail had one jury vote and one POV the whole game and finished with a total score of 23 points. Raygan, the outcast in the final three, had two jury votes and one POV the whole game, scoring a total of 21 points. This meant that Kail finished 2nd in the whole game and recieved $500,000. Shockingly, this meant that Raygan won the title of Top Tengager, and also recieved $1,000,000.

The Reunion

The housegusts were brought together to celebrate the season and also awards were to be given out to other houseguests. The final awards were Most Nominations/Evictions and Least Nominations/Evictions. These awards were only given to the top nine houseguests. Water won for most nominations/evictions with 45 in total, and Odessa won for least nominations/evictions with 7 in total. With that, Water and Odessa were both given $10,000. The last award given out was for the Player of the Season. By a landslide, 9 won with 76.6% of the votes. He was then given $50,000 for his accomplishment.

Video SummariesEdit

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