Tengaged Voice
Series 1
The Voice
Broadcast from 21st April 2013 - present
Coaches Kiyan (10Boy)
Thomas (ThomasSwift)
Chris (Mybash_)
Edu (Edu84)
Presenter(s) None
Broadcaster Tengaged

The Tengaged Voice was created by 10boy and is a music competition on which is based on the hit TV programme The Voice (worldwide). It sets out to find the voice of tengaged, compared to other factors like image and personality. 

The series is produced by 10boy himself. The first series premiered on April 21st 2013 at the LG Arena in Birmingham UK. 

Coaches and presentersEdit

The coaches for the first series of The Tengaged Voice were confirmed a week prior to the start of the series. The first confirmed coach was ThomasSwift, creator/judge and host of Ultimate Idol and Head Judge on Janelle's X Factor. 10boy then confirmed that he to would coach during the first season. Shortly after, Mybash_ a former judge of Janelle's X Factor announced that he was the third new face to the show. Later the same night Edu84 was revealed as the fourth and final coach to the new series. 10Boy will also host aswell as coach. 


Each coach ended the blind auditions with 8 artists on their teams.

Coach Artists
Kiyan Bruno Mars TBA TBA TBA
Thomas Marina & The Diamonds Katy Perry Taylor Swift Britney Spears
Chris Beyonce TBA TBA TBA
Edu P!nk Tich TBA TBA

Blind AuditionsEdit

The blind auditions started in Birmingham at the LG Arena. Each coach has the length of the artists' performance to decide if they want that artist on their team. Should two or more coaches want them on their team, then the artist get's to choose their coach. Once the coaches' fill their team, they are to pit them together against eachother in the ultimate sing off; the battles. 

✓ - Coach hit his 'I WANT YOU' button
     - Artist eliminated with no coach pushing his 'I WANT YOU' button
     - Artist defaulted to the coach's team
     - Artist elected to join this coach's team
Order Artist  Song Coaches' and artists' choice
Kiyan Thomas Chris Edu 
1 Marina & The Diamonds Mowgli's Road
2 Beyonce Irreplaceable
3 P!nk U + Ur Hand
4 Bruno Mars Grenade
5 Katy Perry E.T.
6 Taylor Swift Begin Again
7 Britney Spears Stronger
8 Tich Glad You Came

Battle RoundsEdit

At the battle rounds, the coaches oit two members of their team against eachother. At the end of the battle the coach will have to select one of each pair to keep and the other to send home, leaving each coach with a team of 4. 

Live ShowsEdit

The Live shows will run for six concecutive weeks (not actual weeks). For the first four weeks the coaches will rotate with their team performing on rotation. The public vote for their favorite from each team, and then the coach sends home one of the bottom 2. 

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6

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