The Duel is one of the newest games that a user can play on Tengaged.

How to PlayEdit

Upon enrolling into a game of the Duel, a user will be a member of a team of twelve players. You must be a light green level or higher and the enrollment costs 20T$. Everyday, each player must complete a challenge. The results of these challenges are kept secret, unlike on Casting, where each user can view the scores of others. This is done to create suspense within the game. The player who obtains the highest score will win immunity from elimination. The game scores will only be available upon day change.

Day change is different from other games as it begins ten minutes after the final challenge begins. This means that if you have a problem with your internet or your computer or if your challenge does not save properly, the day will still change without you and you will be awarded zero as your score.

The voting system is this game is different from that of other games. You will be given a list of players in the game and it is your job to rearrange the players into an order that suits you best. You should place the players that you wish to be saved towards the top of your list and those you prefer to be eliminated at the bottom of your list.

The algorithm will look at the list of the challenge winner and any player that has not been chosen yet will be placed immediately up for 'the duel'. It will then look at the list of the chosen player and will see who, from his/her list, has also not yet been chosen. These two people will compete in a duel challenge and whoever loses this challenge will be eliminated.

Those players who reach the final three will compete in a challenge and this determines your finishing position in the game.

Winning T$ and KarmaEdit

The player who reaches first place will obtain 15 Karma and 100T$. The second place winner will receive 10 Karma and 70T$ and the third place winner gets 5 Karma and 40T$. The fourth, fifth and sixth players receive no Karma but they do receive either 25T$, 10T$ and 5T$.

Other pieces of informationEdit

  • It is not possible to die in this game, therefore it is possible for a user to be insociable without be punished for it by the algorithm.
  • Players cannot plus or minus another person's comments as this has been disabled. This discourages people to join just for spamming.
  • Due to the fact that the second person to enter the duel is chosen from the first person's list, some users purposely do badly in challenges so that they can get chosen and thus can enter the duel with who they have chosen lastly on their list.

Outside LinksEdit

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