This is where I post all of my competitions!

The Murderer Among Us ( )

Season Last Survivor Murderer(s) Twist Guest Starring
The Spa coolexchangestudent jimmy1661 No twist. No one.
The Carnival TBA TBA Two Murderers

jimmy1661 (Season 1 Murderer) coolexchangestudent (Season 1 Survivor)

Hunger Games ( )

Season Biome # of Players Survivor

Last to die


Will run in between TMAU Seasons

Wipeout ( )

Season Winner(s) Runner Up(s) Twist
Season 1 Missalice3 SurvivorRocks No twist.
Season MagicFantasy and PrincessTeePee 1fireboy and Lowwww Couples

The Amazing Race ( )

Season Winners 2nd Place 3rd Place Twist
Season 1 mikey18 and loyalfriend tuter32 and lassidoggy BassAbsol and KarmaArrived No Twist.

Survivor ( )

Season Location Winner Runner Up(s) Votes Twist
The Third Wheel Palau jimmy1661 StevieWild 4-3 6 Tribes of 3

Love In The Wild ( )

Season Winners Runner Ups Twist
Season 1 MickJ and Teddybear Bbdamian and Mooohades No twist.

Big Brother ( )

Season # of Players Winner Runner Up Jury Votes Twist
Season 1 16 TBA TBA TBA at Final 8, one eliminated player returned.

Call of Duty's: The Operative

Season Winner Runner-Up Jury Votes Twist
Season 1 TBA TBA TBA No twist.

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