Name Team Placement Day Vote
Laidback27 Air 20th 1 2-1-1-1
TeenTitans Air 19th 2 2-1-1
01Gohan Air 18th 3 1-1-1
Etaco75 Water 17th 3 NV*
ChrisDooger Earth 16th 4 4-1
pratty347 Air 15th 5 NV**
mrkkkkyle Water 14th 6 NV***
kmaynor2 Fire 13th 6 3-1-1
lassidoggy Water 12th 7 2-1
Athenaa Earth 11th 8 4-0
imprincearthur Fire 10th 9 4-0
Husky101 Water 10th 10 1-0
Snowgirl57 Fire 9th 11 1-0(2)*
atti12 Air 8th 12 NV****
Niallfew1 Water 7th 13 NV*****
William3 Earth 6th 14 1-0(2)-0(1)**
ofl1998 Fire 5th 15 1-0(1)***
JoshJosh123 Fire 4th 16 NV******
black0ut247 Earth 3rd 17 1-0
ChrisDooger* Earth 2nd 18 1-6
Chilltownmember3 Earth 1st 18 6-1

*Chris returned into the game by winning the "who should return to the game??" poll with 48.0% since earth won that days challange a reward was having him join their team, also since he returned into the game right as the jury started he cannot become part of the jury.

*Ofl played a pov ring on himself

**chris played a pov ring on him self (2) and chill played a pov ring on himself(1)

***JoshJosh played a pov ring on himself

NV = indicates no vote

*Etaco was banned

**Pratty failed to post on the activty test

***mrkkkyle quit

**** Atti12 was elimnated by chill he was the last person on his team and chill chose to send his team to eviction

*****Niallfew1 finshed last in the challange and was the last person on his team

******earth completed the challange 1st and fire was the other team and josh was the only person left on his team

Team Placements:

Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day 5 Day6 Day7 Day8 Day9 Day10 Day11 Day12 Day13 Day14 Day15 Day16
1st Fire Fire Earth Water None* Earth Earth Fire Earth Earth Earth Earth Fire Fire Earth Earth
2nd Water Water Water Fire None* Water Air Air Air Fire Air Fire Earth Earth Fire Fire
3rd Earth Earth Fire Air None* Air Fire Water Water Air Water Water Water
4th* Air Air Air Earth None* Fire Water Earth Fire Water Fire Air

*there was no challange on day 5 it was a inactivty test

*Note that the 4th place team goes to eviction from day 1-12, 3rd place on day 13 and, 2nd 14 & 15


Name Vote Team Placement
Husky101 N/A* Water 10th
Snowgirl57 Chill Fire 9th
Atti12 Chill Air 8th
Niallfew1 Chill Water 7th
William3 Chill Earth 6th
Ofl1998 Chill Fire 5th
JoshJosh123 Chill Fire 4th
Black0ut247 Chris Earth 3rd

*husky did not send his vote in on time

Voting Chart:TBA


Total Days:18


Player Of The Season: Snowgirl57

Runner Up: ChrisDooger

'[last one standing'] is a group game hosted by avatar3939 this is the last one standings 17th season

Moves That Made The Game:

5.Air losing 4 in a row this really screwed air over and took atti out of the comeption

4. Ofl using his pov ring taking out snowgirl who wouldve taken out ofl he was on the outs of his team buut manged to survie with his ring

3. Chris/Chill using their ring mostly chris but earth was trying to out chris for a second time and instead william 3 unexspletly went home

2. Josh Using his pov ring ofl proably would've won most tie breakers and is the most exsprinced los player (also according to my karma los thing the best player) and josh the underdog took him out with his ring

1. Chill taking out black out this was a very supring move becuase chill had obvs wanted to take out chris and had once b4 but his reasoing saying he thinks he could beat chris makes him a villan (maybe even one of the biggest ever)

Game Story:

Day 1: The challange was pass the torchFire is the only team to finsh Water 2nd Earth 3rd Air made the least progress went to eviction and evicted laidback

Day 2:you had to get ppl to post your team namefire domanited in the challange 11-4-3-0 water 2nd earth 3rd air went to eviction exact same thing as last time lol teentitans was evicted in a vote of 2-1-1 almost identacal to the vote last eviction

Day 3: the challange was "Geuss the spot"Day 3: fire was finnaly defated, earth was the only team to geuss the spot water got 2nd fire got 3rd and air for the 3rd time in a row was sent to eviction and is forming 1 of the biggest losing streaks everrin a vote of 1-1-1 gohan is evicted due to being offline 4 4daysetaco75 was removed due to being banned

Day 4:

water dominated the "T.V star" challange noone eles scored any points, and water sent earth to eviction gave fire 2nd air 3rd so for the 1st time ever air isn't going to eviction chrisdooger was evicted in a vote of 4-1

Day 5:

pratty was the only 1 not to comment on the activty test so was removed

Day 6:

earth got no chips, air ggot 10 water got 10 fire got 20 so fire went to eviction mrkkkyle quit for a unkown reason meaning water has gone to 0 evictions but lost 2 ppl

kmaynor was evicted 3-1-1

Day 7: day 7 was a poll earth got first air suprisingly got 2nd fire got 3rd and water went to eviction

Lassidoggy was evicted 2-1

Day 8:

only ofl from fire showed up to the challenge so he automatticly won, gave air 2nd water 3rd and sent earth to eviction

athenaa was evicted 4-0

Day 9:

earth won the sliding puzzle gave air 2nd water 3rd and sent fire to eviction where they evicted imprinearthur

Day 10:

in the poll chrisdooger was voted back into the game with 48% of the vote (25 votes) the challange was a blog #hastag challange earth finshed 1st fire 2nd air 3rd and water was sent to eviction

husky101 was evicted 1-0

Day 11:

it was a challange called "Quad" air had 3 ppoints and u needed 4 but earth made a comeback and sent fire to eviction air got 2nd water got 3rd

at the fire eviction ofl played his pov ring and saved him from being evicted and instead snowgirl went home 1-0(2)

Day 12:

Earth won the challange and fire got 2nd so chill had to sigle handly elimnate niall(water) or atti12(air and he chose to elimnate the last person on air atti12

Day 13:

today was a 5 part challange, get 3 ppl not playing the game to comment your team name, mail me a t.v stars name mail me a 4 letter word geuss the spot and pass the torch a mix of some of the challanges fire got first and earth got 2nd meaning water was sent home 3rd and niall got 7th

Day 14:

fire won hurdles and chris and chill played there pov rings and chris got 2 votes and chill got 1 william got a self vote meaning he was evicted 1-0(2)-0(1)

Day 15:

in today you had to get 10 ppl to post "Earth" (4 earth) and "Fire (4 fire) earth ended up winning Josh played his pov ring and sent ofl packing 5th

Day 16:

today was a puzzle based on previous events black0ut from earth won the challnge for them and that meant joshjosh and fire was evicted 4th

Day 17:

today was a fast post challange chill posted 1st it took him a while to make his decion and he shockingly took chris doogers to the finals and evicted black0ut

Day 18:

finale day! today chill won and became the 1st 3 time winner chris dooger got 2nd the vote was 6-1 and snowgirl57 won POS

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