Player Team Placement Returning/Winner/New
FEFY Water 20th New
Dwick Earth 19th New
Benlinus Fire 18th Winner
49288 Earth 17th Winner
Chill Fire 16th Winner
Kaylee8 Water 15th New
Fern Earth 14th(returned) New
Orange Water 13th New
Drup Earth 11th/12th New
Ireks Water 11th/12th Winner
14huh Water 10.1th Returing
Yellow Fire 10.2th Returing
Ofl Fire 9th Returing
Darkflame Earth 8th Returing
Fern Earth 7th New
MarkusHakus Air 6th Returing
Johnoliver Air 5th Returing
rt72 Air 4th Returning
Joel Air 3rd New










  1. The Captin Who Sunk His Ship

at the final 6 it was 6 v.s1 air had not lost a member yet and were a strong team but gaia made a bold move and decid to sabotge his own team but in the end he still won!

2. the most heated finale ever

ddefintly the most heted finale ever becuse of what happend since the final 6 and ended with gaia wanting people to vote rstar but it was to late gia had already convised people

3.#1 villan

after that season gaia became the #1 villan and still is!

more will come66.44.61.235 00:08, October 13, 2011 (UTC)avatar3939

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