Ultimate Idol
Season 2
Broadcast from TBC
Judges Thomas (ThomasSwift)
Ryder (BBObsessor)
Austin (AustinBenevides)
Diego (db1994)
Mentor(s) Ashley (BigBruv)
Host(s) Danielvk
Broadcaster Tengaged
Proceeded by
Season 1
Followed by

The second season of Ultimate Idol was confirmed in mid-April 2013. It is the following season of the debut season of the franchise. The season sets out to find a solo artist that has the whole package and can claim a gift at the end of the season. The competition is based on the format of American Idol/Pop Idol. 

The judging line up for the second season consists of two returning judges, Thomas and Ryder. The third judge was confirmed at the beginning of the finals shows in season one as Austin. The fourth judge was announces at season 1 finale as Diego. They has judged on a similar group and have a passion for music. The four experienced judges will front the second season. 

Ashley also returned as the mentor to the finalists to help them with their song choice on certain themes and also give critical opinions in the results show on the finalists. Ashley gives one-on-one mentoring with the finalists. 

Danielvk became the host of the main show, he will front all shows for the season.


The format this season remained largely unchanged from the first seaon, applicants were not able to apply as a singer that made it into the Top 11 in the first season. 

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