Ultimate Voice
Season 1
The Voice
Broadcast from May 2013 - present
Coaches Thomas (ThomasSwift)
Chris (Mybash_)
Chloe (Chloeox)
Davy (Guess_Who)
Guest Advisors Zaktheboss9012 (Thomas)
JesseBruenger (Chris)
Rhysarnie14 (Chloe)
AlanDuncan (Davy)
Presenter(s) Diego (db1994)
Broadcaster Tengaged

The first season of Ultimate Voice premiered at the start of May 2013. It is the sister show to the original singing competition Ultimate Idol. The season sets out to find a solo artist or duo that has the whole package and can claim a gift at the end of the season. The competition is based on the format of The Voice (US). 

The coaches for the debut season of Ultimate Idol were confirmed as ThomasSwift, Mybash_, Chloeox and Guess_Who. The four coaches will help the season debut. ThomasSwift and Guess_who also appear as full time judges on the sister show Ultimate Idol.

The show will follow the format of the US (season 3) The Voice. Including, the new 'knockout rounds' the judges 'steal' and the 'live playoffs'. the Live shows include double eliminations. The finale also includes 3 contestants rather than 4. This way, mutiple contestants from 1 team are able to make it into the finale. The coach's overall favorite performance was added so that the best performance of the night would not be in danger of going home.

Auditions, coaches and hostsEdit

Auditions were held in a purpose built studio. The four coaches signed for season one shortly before the premiere. They are, Thomas, Chris, Chloe and Davy for the first season. 


✓ - Coach pressed his/her 'I WANT YOU' button
     Contestant eliminated with no coach pressing his or her button
     Contestant defaulted to this coach's team
     Contestant elected to join this coach's team

Episode 1: The Blind Auditions, Part 1Edit

Part 1 of the blind audititions aired on the 5th May 2013.

Order Contestant Song Coach's and Contestant's Choice
Thomas Chris Chloe Davy

Chris Brown

"Yeah 3x"

Celine Dion

"To Love You More"

Justin Bieber

"As Long As You Love Me"


"Who Knew"


"Shining Star"

John Mayer

"Slow Dancing In A Burning Room"

Taylor Swift


Bridgit Mendler

"Ready or Not"

Alicia Keys

"Girl On Fire"



Britney Spears

"Baby One More Time"

Episode 2: The Blind Auditions, Part 2Edit

Part 2 of the blind audititions aired on the 6th May 2013.

Order Contestant Song Coach's and Contestant's Choice
Thomas Chris Chloe Davy






"Never Gonna Leave Me"

Ariana Grande


Demi Lovato

"Heart Attack"

Nicole Scherzinger

"Don't Hold Your Breath"

Bruno Mars

"Just The Way You Are"

Katy Perry

"Part of Me"

Kristine Elezaj




Episode 3: The Blind Auditions, Part 3Edit

Part 3 of the blind audititions aired on the 7th May 2013.

Order Contestant Song Coach's and Contestant's Choice
Thomas Chris Chloe Davy

Carrie Underwood

"Last Name"


"The Beginning"

David Choi

"Underneath Your Love"

Florence Welch

"Cosmic Love"

Jessie J

"Mama Knows Best"

Amber Holcomb

"I Believe In You And Me"

Cher Lloyd

"Turn My Swag On"

Lana Del Rey

"Blue Jeans"


"Addicted To You"

Kelly Clarkson

"Behind These Hazel Eyes"

Kat DeLuna

"Drop It Low"

Episode 4: The Blind Auditions, Part 4Edit

Part 4 of the blind audititions aired on the 9th May 2013.

Order Contestant Song Coach's and Contestant's Choice
Thomas Chris Chloe Davy



Whitney Houston

"I Have Nothing"

Amy Lee

"Lost In Paradise"

Santana Lopez


Madilyn Bailey

"If I Lose Myself"

Mac Miller

"Best Day Ever"


"Started From The Bottom"

Kyle Koster


Tim McGraw

"Felt Good On My Lips"


"Everytime We Touch"

Episode 5: The Blind Auditions, Part 5Edit

Part 5 of the blind audititions aired on the 10th May 2013.

Order Contestant Song Coach's and Contestant's Choice
Thomas Chris Chloe Davy

Hunter Hayes

"If You Told Me To"

Haley Reinhart


Lady Gaga


Ellie Goulding


Micheal Jackson

"Beat It"

Christina Perri

"The Lonely"

Ed Sheeran

"Little Things"

Lea Michele

"Don't Rain On My Parade"


"Can't Hold Us"

Mike Squillante

"Bad Luck Baby"



Episode 6: The Blind Auditions, Part 6Edit

Part 6 of the blind audititions aired on the 11th May 2013.

Order Contestant Song Coach's and Contestant's Choice
Thomas Chris Chloe Davy

Cassadee Pope

"Stupid Boy"

Megan Nicole


Tegan and Sara

"I'm Not Your Hero"

Justin Timberlake


Mariah Carey 

"I'll Be There" N/A


"Not Afraid" N/A

Nicki Minaj

"Whip It" N/A N/A

Olly Murs

"Busy" N/A N/A N/A

Haley Williams 

"Still Into You" N/A N/A N/A

Darren Criss

"Teenage Dream" N/A N/A N/A

Episodes 7-10: The BattlesEdit

The battles aired for four days from the 13th - 16th May. In the battle rounds a coach put two members of their team against eachother, the respective coach could only selct one winner of each battle to move onto the next round with them. Also in this round one of the other coach's can steal two eliminated contestants from another team. If more than one coach wants to steal the eliminated contestant, the power shifts again to the contestant. At the end of this round each coach will have 8 contestants on their team, six from their original team, and two contestants they have stolen.

Advisors were bought in to help each coach decide who to take to the next round. Zaktheboss9012 was used as Thomas' advisor, Jessebruenger was used as Chris' advisor, Rhysarnie14 was used as Chloe's advisor and AlanDuncan was bought in as Davy's advisor. 

     - Contestant wins battle round and advances to knockouts
     - Contestant loses battle round but gets stolen/advances to knockouts
     - Contestant loses battle round and is eliminated
Episode / Order Coach Winner Loser
Contestant Song Contestant Song 'Steal' / Result
1.1 Thomas Nicki Minaj "Marilyn Monroe" Alicia Keys "Brand New Me" Chis
1.2 Chloe Taylor Swft "White Horse" Whitney Houston N/A Eliminated
1.3 Davy Darren Criss "It's Not Unusual" John Mayer "Neon" Eliminated
1.4 Chris Demi Lovato "Give Your Heart a Break" Lady Gaga "Paparazi" Davy
1.5 Davy Nicole Scerzinger "Try With Me" Chris Brown "Don't Judge Me" Eliminated
1.6 Thomas Ariana Grande "Last Dance" Megan Nicole "Glad You Came" Eliminated
2.1 Thomas Jessie J "Domino" INNA "Endless" Eliminated
2.2 Chris Justin Timberlake "I'm Lovin' It" Bruno Mars "Today My Life Begins" Davy
2.3 Davy Florence Welch "Breath of Life" SIA N/A Eliminated
2.4 Chris Tim McGraw "Grown Men Don't Cry" Hunter Hayes N/A Eliminated
2.5 Chloe Cascada "Evacuate The Dancefloor" Krewella "One Minute" Eliminated
2.6 Davy Cher Lloyd "With Ur Love" Bridget Mendler "Hurricane" Eliminated
3.1 Chris Beyonce "Why Don't You Love Me" Adele "Turning Tables" Thomas
3.2 Chloe N/A N/A Eminem/Drake N/A Eliminated
3.3 Davy Macklemore "And We Danced" Mac Miller "I Think I'm In Love" Eliminated
3.4 Chloe Ed Sheeran "Undone" David Choi "That Girl" Eliminated
3.5 Chris Ellie Goulding "Guns & Horses" Haley Reinhart "House of The Rising Sun" Eliminated
3.6 Thomas Katy Perry "Peacock" Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" Eliminated
4.1 Chloe Christina Perri "Jar of Hearts" Madilyn Bailey "Lights" Chris
4.2 Thomas Santana Lopez "Girl on Fire" Carrie Underwood "Before He Cheats" Chloe
4.3 Chris P!nk "Walk of Shame" Ke$ha N/A Eliminated
4.4 Thomas Britney Spears "Toxic" Lana Del Rey "Young and Beautiful" Chloe
4.5 Davy Kelly Clarkson "Because of You" Amy Lee "My Heart is Broken" Thomas
4.6 Chloe Amber Holcomb/Rihanna "Lately"/"Where Have You Been" N/A N/A N/A

As both Drake and Eminem withdrew from the competition, Chloe was able to keep both Amber Holcomb and Rihanna to make up her 8.

Episodes 11-12: The KnockoutsEdit

The knockout episodes aired on Saturday 18th of May and Sunday 19th of May. At the knockout rounds, each coach put a member of their team against another member of their team. They then performed a 'killer song' each back-to-back, and each knockout concluded with their respective coach eliminating one of the two. 

After the knockout rounds, each coach will have 4 members on their team to take to the live playoffs. 

     - Contestant wins knockout
Ep / Order Coach Song 1st Contestant 2nd Contestant Song
1.1 Thomas "Die In Your Arms" Ariana Grande Adele "Someone Like You"
1.2 "Toxic" Britney Spears Jessie J "Who You Are"
1.3 "Hot and Cold" Katy Perry Santana Lopez "Back To Black"
1.4 "My Immortal" Amy Lee Nicki Minaj "Automatic"
1.5 Chloe "Glorius" Cascada Taylor Swift "Mean"
1.6 "The A Team" Ed Sheeran Christina Perri "A Thousand Years"
1.7 "Stay" Rihanna Amber Holcomb "What About Love"
1.8 "Good Girl" Carrie Underwood Lana Del Rey "Born To Die"
2.1 Davy "Locked Out of Heaven" Bruno Mars Darren Criss "Hopelessly Devoted To You"
2.2 "Judas" Lady GaGa Macklemore "Hold Your Head Up"
2.3 "Want U Back" Cher Lloyd Nicole Scerzinger "Wet"
2.4 "Spectrum" Florence Welch Kelly Clarkson "Since U Been Gone"
2.5 Chris "I Was Here" Beyonce Tim Mcgraw "Something Like That"
2.6 N/A Ellie Goulding Alicia Keys "Un-thinkable"
2.7 "Skyscraper" Demi Lovato Justin Timberlake "Cry Me A River"
2.8 "One More Night" Madilyn Bailey P!nk "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)"

Episodes 13-15: The Live PlayoffsEdit

The live playoff performances aired Tuesday 21st May and Wednesday 22nd May, with a results show on Thursday 23rd of May.  At the live playoffs stage, each team performed and then went head to head with the rest of their team in a poll. The results show aired after two nights of the live performances. The two highest vote getters from each team automatically moves on to the live shows. Then the coach selects who moves on out of the bottom two from their team, the other is eliminated. 

At the end of the live playoffs four contestants will be eliminated, after this round each coach will have three members on their team for the live shows.

     - Contestant saved by the voters
     - Contestant saved by coach
     - Contestant was not saved by coach and was eliminated
Contestant Order Song Coach Result
Katy Perry 1.1 "I Kissed A Girl" Thomas Advanced
Kelly Clarkson 1.2 "Catch My Breath" Davy Advanced
Britney Spears 1.3 "I'm A Slave 4 U" Thomas Saved
Bruno Mars 1.4 "It Will Rain" Davy Advanced
Nicki Minaj 1.5 "Va Va Voom" Thomas Eliminated
Nicole Scerzinger 1.6 "Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny)" Davy Saved
Lady Gaga 1.7 "The Edge of Glory" Davy Eliminated
Ariana Grande 1.8 "ABC" Thomas Advanced
Christina Perri 2.1 "Arms" Chloe Eliminated
Alicia Keys 2.2 "Tears Always Win" Chris Eliminated
Rihanna 2.3 "Only Girl (In The World" Chloe Advanced
P!nk 2.4 "F**kin' Perfect" Chris Advanced
Carrie Underwood 2.5 "Cowboy Casanova" Chloe Advanced
Demi Lovato 2.6 "This Is Me" Chris Advanced
Tim McGraw 2.7 "Live Like You Were Dying" Chris Saved
Taylor Swift 2,8 "Ours" Chloe Saved

Episodes 16-17: Top 12 Perform LiveEdit

The Top 12 performed on Saturday 25th May 2013 and received the results on Sunday 26th May 2013. From this point onwards the 'Coach's Overall Favorite Performance' was introduced by coach's ranking the other teams performances, granting the earner a free pass to the next show, no matter where they scored in that weeks polls. This week four passes were awarded, one from each team.

  • Theme: Footloose Week (having fun)
  • Guest Performances: TBC
     - Contestant advanced to Top 10 round.
     - Contestant awarded 'Coach's Favorite Overall Performance' and advanced to the Top 10 Round.
     - Contestant had fewest/second fewest number of votes and was eliminated.
Contestant Order Song Coach Result
Bruno Mars 1 "Runaway Baby" Davy
Rihanna 2 "Don't Stop The Music" Chloe
Nicole Scerzinger 3 "Boomerang" Davy
Kelly Clarkson 4 "Miss Independent" Davy
Katy Perry 5 Thomas
P!nk 6 "Raise Your Glass" Chris
Britney Spears 7 "Circus" Thomas
Ariana Grande 8 "The Way" Thomas
Carrie Underwood 9 "Songs Like This" Chloe
Demi Lovato 10 Chris
Taylor Swift 11 "Our Song" Chloe
Tim McGraw 12 "Truck Yeah" Chris


Battle RoundsEdit

Color Key

     – Advanced to Knockout Rounds (Winning Battle)
     – Advanced to Knockout Rounds (Stolen)
     – Stolen from another coach after being eliminated by their original coach
     – Eliminated in Battle Rounds
Team Top 48 Artists Stolen
Thomas Nicki Minaj Ariana Grande Jessie J Katy Perry Santana Lopez Britney Spears Adele
Alicia Keys Megan Nicole INNA Justin Bieber Carrie Underwood Lana Del Rey Amy Lee
Chris Demi Lovato Justin Timberlake Tim McGraw Beyonce  Ellie Goulding P!nk Alicia Keys
Lady Gaga Bruno Mars Hunter Hayes Adele Haley Reinhart Ke$ha Madilyn Bailey
Chloe Taylor Swift Cascada Ed Sheeran Christina Perri Rihanna Amber Holcomb Carrie Underwood
Whitney Houston Krewella Drake Eminem David Choi Madilyn Bailey Lana Del Rey
Davy Darren Criss Nicole Scerzinger Florence Welch Cher Lloyd Macklemore Kelly Clarkson Lady Gaga
John Mayer Chris Brown SIA Bridget Mendler Mac Miller Amy Lee Bruno Mars

Knockout Rounds and Live PlayoffsEdit

     – Advanced to Live Finals (Public Choice)
     – Advanced to Live Finals (Coach's Choice)
     – Eliminated in Playoffs
     – Eliminated in Knockout Rounds
Team Top 32 Artists
Thomas Ariana Grande Katy Perry Britney Spears Nicki Minaj
Adele Santana Lopez Jessie J Amy Lee
Chris Demi Lovato P!nk Tim McGraw Alicia Keys
Justin Timberlake Madilyn Bailey Beyonce Ellie Goulding
Chloe Rihanna Carrie Underwood Taylor Swift Christina Perri
Amber Holcomb Cascada Lana Del Rey Ed Sheeran
Davy Bruno Mars Kelly Clarkson Nicole Scerzinger Lady GaGa
Darren Criss Florence Welch Cher Lloyd Macklemore

Live ShowsEdit

     – Winner
     – Runner-up
     – Third place
     – Eliminated (4th–12th)
Team Top 12 artists
Thomas Ariana Grande Britney Spears Katy Perry
Chris Demi Lovato P!nk Tim McGraw
Chloe Carrie Underwood Rihanna Taylor Swift
Davy Bruno Mars Kelly Clarkson Nicole Scerzinger

Results summaries of live showsEdit

Color Key

     Team Thomas
     Team Chris
     Team Chloe
     Team Davy
Contestant Live playoffs Top 12 Top 10 Top 8 Top 6 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Finals
Top 16 Top 5 Top 4 Top 3
Ariana Grande Tengaged's Choice TBC
Britney Spears Coach's Choice TBC
Bruno Mars Tengaged's Choice TBC
Carrie Underwood Tengaged's Choice TBC
Demi Lovato Tengaged's Choice TBC
Katy Perry Tengaged's Choice TBC
Kelly Clarkson Tengaged's Choice TBC
Nicole Scerzinger Coach's Choice TBC
P!nk Tengaged's Choice TBC
Rihanna Tengaged's Choice TBC
Taylor Swift Coach's Choice TBC
Tim McGraw Coach's Choice TBC
Alicia Keys Not Saved Eliminated (13th - 16th place)
Christina Perri Not Saved
Lady GaGa Not Saved
Nicki Minaj Not Saved

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