Vanity Lair S2(Stars Edition)
Vanity Lair S2
Name Entry Exit      
Amelya Day 1  Day 119   
Snowflake3 Day 1  Day 119   
DianeRhea Day 1  Day 119   
Sweetheart95 Day 1  Day 112   
Ninihead25 Day 1  Day 98   
Chameleoneyes Day 1  Day 91   
Dmpwb45 Day 1  Day 77   
ybbob Day 1  Day 70   
SSDZ Day 1  Day 63   
Prozach Day 1  Day 63   
Manda17_xoxo Day 1  Day 56   
Ross26 Day 35

Day 1 

Day 49

Day 14 

racheljoy29 Day 1  Day 42   
Alyxandra Day 1  Day 28   
iangavin Day 1  Day 21   
Sylvester Day 1  Day 7   
Voluntarily Exit
2nd-Runner up

Vanity Lair S2Edit

Vanity Lair is starting a brand new season.This season is similar to Stars,it starts with 16 housemates entering the mansion.Each week they nominate 2 housemates up for eviction.One by one they will get evicted until there are only 3 housemates left in the final 3.This season will have different changes in the game.


It starts with 16 housemates entering in the house. One by one they will be dropped until there are 3 left in the game.

Nomination-Each week the housemates will nominate 2 housemates and the 2 housemates who receives the most votes will be up for a drop out.

Eviction-The 2 housemates will face a public eviction,the nominee who gets the highest vote will be evicted from the game.

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