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The title image of the ABC Whodunnit show being used by the group.


Whodunnit: Fate at Rue Manor is a group game based on the Whoudunnit Reality Show on ABC. The group is hosted by BigJoeFrimodt.


The format of the game is run almost identically to the TV show Whodunnit. 13 Players eneter the game, and one of them is "The Killer". The Killer "murders" one guest a day. The rest of the guests investigate the crime. They can chose to go to either the Morgue, the Last Known Where-abouts, or to the Crime Scene. They may only go to one scene per day. In the Crime Scene and Last Known Where-abouts they investigate the rooms, where in the Morgue they examine the body of the deceased. After they investigate one of the areas, they have sometime to discuss there findings with their peirs is they so choose. After the discusion time, there is a riddle which the players try to solve to collect more evidence about the murder. Afterwards, they have another oppertunity to discuss with their peirs. After that, the guests take a test about the murders called "State your Case". Then, at the dinner ceremony, the person with the most Answers correct recieve special praise from the killer, and declares them safe. The two or more guests with the weakest test results are declared "Scared" meaning they have a possibility to be murdered, where everybody else are declared "Spared" which means they performed well enough to not be murdered. They one or more of the people whom are "Scared" is murdered and the process starts over again.

Closing of the GameEdit

The game was offically closed on August 16th due to lack of applicants, it is undetermind if the game will open up again or not.

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